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  1. Everything will pass and these feelings are the same, it's only a matter of time.�

    Someone needs a week to forget, to actually turn the page. Someone has more time. In any case, changing accents works best. There is a desire to quickly forget the lady of the heart. Find another one, play sports, �read a book, �watch a movie. Find some new goal and go to it. The main thing is that the goal was really desired, then thoughts about the “ex” will quickly leave you.

  2. Psychologists say that usually recovery after a breakup stretches for a period corresponding to the period of the relationship with this person.

    But if you shift your thoughts from this situation to other aspects of life (you have a lot of things at your disposal, definitely), then everything will recover faster.

    Also, there are several stages of recovery-from denying the situation to accepting the fact of a breakup.�

    But again, it's different for everyone. It's always harder for someone who's been abandoned. However, people left and left millennia ago (including kings, padishahs, kings, and padishahs), and there will always be breakups. This is life.

  3. Oh, that love again! The one that broke up more lives than all the wars, and brought more happiness than all the dreams of paradise. Well, what can I advise you? Everything is very individual here. I know a couple who got divorced when they were young and then got back together in their eighties. Children, all relatives were against it, but they don't care,they have love.And it happens. When you are young, everyone is hot, touchy, and emotional. They can run away because of nonsense. You need to understand the reasons for your breakup. If she left because of some resentment, then find out and try to fix it. And if you went to another person,or just lost interest in your relationship, then do not worry at all. So it's not your man. Yours isn't going anywhere. There is no true love without reciprocity, no matter what anyone says. It's just that you seem to have left something unsaid, and it haunts you.

  4. Sometimes we experience divorce / separation as a real death. True, not a person dies, but a relationship. You need to go through 5 stages of acceptance: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and finally acceptance. Judging by your question, you are at the stage of “depression”. You just need to get over it, the best thing you can do for yourself is not to go headlong into this swamp. Live a normal life, work, hobbies, good friends and healthy sleep are all you need. �A little more Zoloft, it would be great in general. This is an antidepressant that, for unknown reasons, is available on prescription in Russia, although in other countries it can be purchased at any pharmacy as aspirin. It is not addictive and has a relatively quick effect. If you have no preconceptions about going to a psychiatrist for a prescription, then I advise you to take Zoloft, in a week or two at most you will notice a difference.

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