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  1. Where does consciousness disappear when a person “lies unconscious”? It is not by chance that it is called “unconscious”)

    And because people can lose “chunks” of consciousness and “chunks” of personality after head injuries, strokes, and Alzheimer's diseases, it's likely that after a person dies, their consciousness disappears forever. But this is from the point of view of an outsider.

    From my own point of view, it would be worth starting with the question of where consciousness disappears not after death, but after today. Now it is obvious to me that “I am today” and “I am yesterday” are two slightly different people and slightly different consciousnesses. Only “I yesterday” has no memory of “I today”, and “I today” has a memory of “I yesterday”, rewritten into a long-term memory for last night, and with the help of this memory maintaining the illusion of continuity of my “I”. There are many facts that the continuity of the “I”is an illusion, but subjectively I feel it as a given.

    In other words, on my subjective time axis, my ” I ” exists here and now and always. And on the time axis of an outside observer, my ” I ” disappears somewhere not once at the time of death, but several times a week, but usually in the morning it is reassembled into a similar “I” based on memory. And some day the memory will be damaged and it will not be able to rebuild(

  2. Since there is no evidence or premise that human consciousness continues to exist after brain death, it is logical to accept as a working hypothesis that with brain death, human consciousness also disappears, and act accordingly.

  3. You can find a lot of philosophical definitions of consciousness, but I suggest not to go into the verbiage that philosophy is, and look at your question more materially. It is indisputable that the carrier of consciousness is the brain. After death, all the information that was contained there disappears. And no need for any tales about the global energy and information field and other X-ray nonsense! Information cannot exist without a storage medium-I put a flash drive in a microwave oven-information cranks, it will not be saved in any mystical universal field. And another problem – you need another consciousness to turn information into information. For an illiterate person, a book is just a bundle of paper sheets smeared with printing ink. Yes, and for those who are literate, but do not speak this language, too. If a person who does not know Arabic is given the Koran, it will not help him much. Although he will know what it is about in general terms, and even that it is necessary to read correctly to the left, but he will not be able to read a single line. So that's what I mean – after death, the carrier of consciousness is destroyed, and consciousness itself along with it. You can call it a soul, it's just a matter of terminology. Conclusion-death, no matter how sad, is forever. The soul is not preserved anywhere. By the way, you can ask the priests, but why does the Devil (or God) need souls? What do they do with them in such infinite quantities? Yes, it can be simpler – how to make a deal with the Devil for the sale of the soul? And then, in contrast to the priest's tales of paradise after death, according to the same priest's stories, he gives benefits just at once, and the soul – only later? Still not convinced? It's a shame to me, but at the end of our lives, nothing awaits us. The darkness. Emptiness. Full end of lunch. One day, each of us will cease to exist for this universe, and will never appear in another. This is physics, not philosophy.

  4. Man is thought, and the external aspect of Man is the world. Consciousness is not generated by the brain, it is not localized in the person and is not fixed in time. Consciousness is eternal!!! The material world is not material-it is nothing but an illusion generated by energy. Life and death are the same thing. With respect.

  5. Death is the opposite of life. After death, a person's feelings, thoughts, and memories do not continue to exist elsewhere. After death, a person can no longer see, hear, or think.
    This is confirmed by the words of the Bible: “The living know that they will die, but the dead know nothing “and” Whatever your hand can do, do it with all your might; for in the grave where you go, there is no work, no meditation, no knowledge, no wisdom ” (Ecclesiastes 9:5,10).

  6. It is logical to assume that it passes. (but probably not in the way you imagine it)

    From the point of view of science, habitual thoughts (which can be attributed to consciousness or at least to a part of it) are a set of activities of neurons (brain cells). They physically change constantly. That is, the neurons after death will disintegrate and change to another form in the process of rotting/decomposition. (as well as other cells and other biological animals). Then they will move into the soil, participate in the changes of the planet, etc.

    But you are probably interested in your “deep personality”, which seems to make all the decisions. Yes, we don't know exactly how it works, because we can't capture our own thoughts at any given time due to the fact that we will already change by the next time interval. But it is obvious (by induction) that it (the soul/personality) changes, and much faster than everything else (albeit at a near atomic level). Nothing is at rest in the universe, everything is moving and influencing each other.

    Therefore, your personality will really just move into the next state of energy and continue to exist and change. Maybe take part in the life of some star, who knows) But, of course, you will no longer feel and know this)

    And if you don't like the idea that “you” won't be there to watch it, then try to do everything you can in your life. And the harder it is, the better. But also simple and pleasant things can not be forgotten.
    As a result, you will probably realize that few people would like eternal existence, because they would get tired of any repetitive work or recreation. That is, death in some way makes it possible to enjoy life, because deep down you understand that it will end sometime and try to “get” now the maximum of what you have and multiply it if possible. (although not everyone does, of course)

  7. What does the Bible say about this?

    “The living know that they will die,but the dead KNOW nothing,and there is no recompense for them, because their memory is forgotten. And their love, and their hatred, and their jealousy, have already disappeared, and there is no longer a part for them in anything that is done under the sun. Whatever your hand can do, do it with all your might; for in the grave where you are going,there is no work,no meditation,no knowledge,no wisdom. ” (Ecclesiastes 9: 5,6,10)

    Until the time when God resurrects them,they are not there,they just turn into earth. “for you are dust, and to dust you will return” (Genesis 3: 19)

  8. AS an example before me, everything was beautifully shown) Man=body=light bulb

    Consciousness is constantly in a person as a shell, the mind is like the light from a light bulb. it doesn't sleep at night. consciousness=electric current =))) so that's who started the current….

    Consciousness is part of the chain, but this is a completely different conversation

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