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  1. Everyone should be able to filter information. In any case, before studying esotericism, you should somehow look for reviews about these courses, etc. Especially after the first classes, you should understand for yourself whether they bring you benefits or not. For example, there is such a science as the great Savior http://www.spasist.ru/ It is very ancient and everyone who is interested in special states of the psyche should have heard about it. If you want to start learning from these courses, then read what people write about them.

  2. Approaching the question of esotericism, the discovery of charms and other similar mysticism, I immediately recall the course of human physiology. We all know how our body functions and what processes underlie its functioning. Heart-pumps blood, intestines-digests incoming food, nose-perceives odors. Over the past 200 years, a person has been thoroughly studied inside and out, we know which part of the brain is responsible for memory, for vision, for emotions and for controlling your organs , with the help of modern technologies and knowledge of genetic laws and principles, you can literally make a forecast about the character of a person who is about to be born. But” the fact is that all these ” studies, searches, discoveries and research have not found any “special” organ or department in the brain that allows you to see the past or future of a person. The greatest minds of mankind, physicists, engineers, astrophysicists, people who have devoted their entire lives to finding the answer to the question “does a person have the slightest chance to turn back time or slightly speed it up” (in other words, time travel) To date, they have not given an answer on how to do this. And then we see people with “non-standard” appearance and behavior ( and I'm pretty sure they don't have the slightest idea about medicine or the laws of physics) and tell you that they can see your past, predict your fate, or “channel your energy into money.”
    I think the answer to the question of wasted money is obvious.

  3. It seems to me that there are no useless courses. In any case, you will definitely get some knowledge. But how to use them further is up to you.

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