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  1. Don't run anywhere. Tell your friend directly and openly (and most importantly confidently) that if someone had raped you, you would have diligently and persistently obtained punishment for them under the Criminal Code, and that you are actively promoting such a strategy of action in the event of rape among your friends and are ready to help and support rape victims in punishing the abuser.

    So if this friend of yours decides to satisfy his curiosity, he will not do it with you or with anyone you know.

    There will always be people in the world who would like to violate the rights and freedoms of others for their own benefit, but they are stopped only by the threat of punishment. And the only way to keep such people from committing illegal actions is to make the punishment inevitable. So that they will continue to be afraid.

  2. Good afternoon.
    You don't have to run anywhere. It is good that a person is aware of this in himself, and even better, that he can share it with friends.

    There are so many ways to identify sadistic tendencies and violent tendencies in children even in kindergarten.
    But in our state, no one does this. Sometimes it seems to me that someone benefits from having rapists and maniacs walking around the city and country.

    That's why bring it to the point where chklovek crosses the red line and commits violence against someone?
    Why don't they help such people since childhood?

    In America, since the 60s, they began to practice separate methods of helping (treating) such people – this is BDSM therapy.

    Our world is dual, if there is a+, then there is also a -.
    Not only are there people who are inclined to commit violence, but there are also those who need to be raped.

    In BDSM practices, there are sadists and masachists, so why not just bring such people together in special places to discharge, to release the energy that eats them from the inside.
    They don't need it all the time, they don't need it every day, but they do need it.

    If in the Russian Federation it was at the state level and such therapies were prescribed by a doctor, as prescribes medicines, then this would be perceived as the norm, and not some kind of deviation or perversion, as is happening now.

  3. The reason is that society often condones violence against women:




    If you can't convince them otherwise, it's best to stop communicating if possible. You can try to discuss issues of violence against women and their relationship to women's rights issues. That violence causes trauma to women, that only explicit consent is consent to sex, and so on. Or recommend literature on this topic. There is no doubt that after his similar statements, he will want to read it. You can study the information yourself to try to make arguments. Some books dealing with gender issues:


  4. I think my friend reviewed the porn videos.

    so maybe maybe he should hook up with fans of this genre?
    They're just like that.

    From where and whether it is treated-it is difficult to say.

    Sexual fetishes are generally a strange area. someone likes leather, someone stockings, others are delighted with high, and the fourth dwarfs serve.

    Which of these is correct. and what is not-it is difficult to say yes and whether it is necessary?
    if only a person understands that his fantasies are his own business. and he can implement them if he finds someone with whom.

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