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  1. Perhaps the whining ones will just be on the wave,natural selection now consists in social survival, such people do not seem dangerous , as a result, all the cool peppers killed each other on the battlefield, and the quiet ones go and collect gold from the pockets and soup of the defeated . Now the strength is more in cunning, the society is social, strong is the one who creates the illusion of his safety for others, gives the opportunity to approach and at the right moment stick a knife in the back. Again,I don't understand the term weak character, I would say little expressed, the word “weak” .. it's not very clear to me. Sometimes you watch a person do some nonsense, say he doesn't hit back in a fight, although he can, and then everyone turns against his abuser, although he may have been wrong.

  2. In general, there were many theories on this topic. For example, Spencer argued that the worst type of society is the survival and prosperity of the weakest. Although, I think, he was talking about low intellectual and moral qualities that lead to the degradation of the entire society.

    If we talk about mentally weak people, then I'm afraid not. This is where natural selection and, as they say, “survival of the fittest”come into play.

    And there were always a lot of whimpering people.

  3. I would like to expand it. What do you mean by “peace gives you a chance for a little bit of life”? Whiners live and live their little lives, have always been, and always will be. They occupy their own niche, marry their own kind, and raise their own weak-willed children. Why not? There's a case for everyone. There are many social niches where no one needs strength of character. Someone can get fartanut, and he will get out in people (some kings, for example, were those still whiners). But most will continue to live their weak lives, hiding from adventure, avoiding shocks…

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