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  1. Definitely yes, starting with young nails and ending with deep old age. You never know when, around which corner it will overtake you, no one is immune from this.)

  2. Age is just numbers, whether it is a child or a person of advanced age-it does not matter, but article 134 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation does not sleep…

    So no, not all ages are submissive, but it's a pity

  3. Love is very multi-faceted and exists in many forms. Love for parents, for example, manifests itself from a very young age. If he is talking about a relationship between a man and a woman, then I believe that such love is possible only from a more or less conscious age, at least from 14-16 years. In general, everything is individual.

  4. If you believe in this very love, then yes, why not?

    Is age a very important indicator of personality?

    Just numbers, that is, it is a “tech guy”. And love is a “humanitarian”, she doesn't need numbers=)

  5. Of course!�The ability to trust, open up, love, feel, feel the fullness of life and live with pleasure is completely independent of age.

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