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  1. All people are capable of love, because love is the natural state of every living being (not just a human being). Without love, you would not have been born, and without love, you would not have been able to live in this world.

    Another thing is that love is different. The sages of antiquity counted 7 different levels of love – from the most carnal and primitive to the most sublime and selfless. Many people now hide their feelings and emotions – they consider it a kind of psychological self-defense. Others, on the contrary, demonstrate ostentatious vulgarity and stupidity-they say, it's easier this way. There are also those who confuse love with selfishness – because love involves giving, and you want to be given to you (including positive emotions). All of the above, of course, disavows the concept of love, and we often think that it does not exist or it has significantly decreased, but love has not gone anywhere, it's just that you have stopped perceiving it. Love cannot decrease, but the mind and ethics of a person can decrease-of course.

    Love can work wonders – this is true even in our cynical times! One of the most effective and quick ways to raise the consciousness of a depressed, extremely stupid, or criminal person is to love them. At first, his worldview will “resist”, but if you continue to love him, without demanding anything in return, you will be surprised how quickly a person changes for the better, and his good qualities appear as the first flowers in spring. So the Beauty and the Beast method works!

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