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  1. Definitely, they do.

    Formation is influenced by several factors, such as the time at which a person was born, his environment, etc.

    There are sociological studies that confirm this fact. Moreover, we know the number of hours of practice that you need to become a genius in your field-this is 10 thousand hours. If you are interested in this topic in more detail , I advise you to read the book “Geniuses and outsiders: Why is it all for some and nothing for others?” by Malcolm Gladwell.

  2. Question of the 8th grade in social studies. Prodigies are born, they do NOT become, this is a GIFTED child, he was born this way. But this does not mean that in the future they will be brilliant adults, not all prodigies become individuals, but simply remain individuals, even though they were once predicted a great future. They may have been ahead of their peers in childhood, but they grew up to become ordinary people without their own opinions.

  3. What are you guys doing? You can't become a child prodigy. A prodigy, a child of outstanding abilities, appears by the will of God. The task of parents is to carefully develop the child's talent to make a talented and happy person. This, however, applies to the parents of any child. Unfortunately, not all parents can cope with their responsibilities. Some spit on the gift of a child, others draw in the genius of a child who is not very capable. Do not encourage these ambitious people with the slogan “They become geeks”.

  4. They become geeks.

    Let's just say that those who became “prodigies” had some prerequisites for this. This is, first of all, the environment under the influence of which, for example, intelligence is formed. “well, for example” – because here we are talking about a narrow meaning of the word. Or erudition. Or music data. Etc. At the same time, it is not possible to assess innate abilities: prodigies are formed exclusively by relatives, and they are not found in orphanages and foster families.

    And now – that's why I, in fact, started this bodyguard with the answer.

    A child prodigy is more than a relative term. Because

    a. A child prodigy is a child who is ahead of his peers in development. What and how much is ahead – everyone sees in their own way. But

    b. Sooner or later, this advance is erased. Because not every child prodigy is an objective genius (and vice versa, isn't it?).

    b. “Child prodigy”, in many cases-the product of parental (“great-parent”) ambitions, sometimes achieved at the cost of distortions and gaps in development.


    G. GEEKS ARE DEEPLY UNHAPPY. This is not something worth striving for at all.

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