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  1. There is definitely a change in behavior from homosexual to heterosexual and vice versa. Here is a change in orientation, a change in attraction, I don't know, it is possible and does not happen. And the behavior can change.

    Human behavior is a complex thing, due not only to orientation, but also culturally.

  2. As correctly noted above, this is more a question of bisexuality. I personally know a person who was married, divorced, lived in a homosexual relationship for 8-10 years, remarried and had a child.

  3. The answer to this question is no. It turns out that the homosexual was not a homosexual and was rather bisexual.

    If this is what is meant, then it is possible. Moreover, for a bisexual, the choice of a partner of the opposite sex is very much influenced by the environment. It is much easier to live with a person of the opposite sex, because the expectations of the people around you are met.

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