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  1. In general, a lot of things could have been left untouched. You can be guided not by the fact that self-deception or logical error exists and it needs to be eradicated, but solely by the personal happiness of the person and the happiness of the people around him. There are extremely dangerous illusions that cause harm, but hardly anyone will allow such an important tool of repression to be destroyed by a loved one, for example. If I'm a bastard who is driven by ambitious illusions and destroys the happiness of my children, the hell with it I will let it be destroyed. If illusions such as faith in God, a happy future, or the meaning of life bring happiness and pleasure, you don't have to take them away. The problem is that when illusions become dangerous, no one will allow them to be taken away. Unnecessary illusions, if desired by a person, often dissolve themselves, regardless of their form.

  2. For example, many people are very nervous about dispelling the illusion of the real world. About this, Pelevin has a fun book “Secret views of Mount Fuji”.

  3. What is an illusion? This is a fountain, closed in a frame, on the one hand, and uncertainty on the other. Everything in the world is illusory and relative. As a rule, the word illusion is used in the context of ” don't be under any illusions.” You can also expand it here. Not I. I. This woman or man is not for you. And why? Prettier, smarter, richer – what is it like to be insecure? And so on, take the illusion and ask yourself WHY)))
    I think ALL ILLUSIONS need to be dispelled.
    Even such as-a person can not move in time and space by himself, at his own will and without any devices and mechanisms.
    We don't know for sure. Anything is possible)))

  4. I will add other excellent answers.

    Before you decide to dispel any illusion, you should know what consequences this will lead to. Usually, we don't know this even close.

    For example, I used to be very fond of exposing the celebration of holidays and the institute of gifts. I read about it from Litvak and it went very well for me.

    But many other people went bad. Instead of the freedom from convention that I wanted to give them, they got a longing for the endorphins that they had over the holidays and gifts.

    Or the same religion, what will happen if you suddenly manage to convince all believers at once that there is no God? Just imagine, their framework, moral norms, values will collapse, what will come in their place? Bold experiments with what is possible and what is not? Permissiveness in the style of ” The strong eats the weak?”

  5. Most amusingly, the authors of various answers about illusions were guided…with your illusions.But illusions arise for a reason.Any illusion is an attempt of a person, subject, to adapt to the surrounding reality.Some illusions can be destructive,such as Putinism,Islamism,and so on, but even they help their carriers adapt to the surrounding conditions and not rethink every phenomenon that you see.After all, if you start, you can go completely.Some call it a point of view.But the point of view is argumentative.The illusion is not.The commentator above stated that it is necessary to get rid of all illusions, but was guided only by his illusion regarding the word “illusion”.Thus, we can come to the conclusion that complete elimination of illusions is not possible,and even if it were possible,it would not be necessary for everyone.

  6. The question is purely personal. I believe that it is not necessary to live in illusions, even if the very truth is not profitable for anyone at all, but my thirst for knowledge, my curiosity is above all illusions. For people with a weak mind, I would leave the illusion of eternal life by faith in God, the illusion of black and white, the illusion of eternal happiness, the illusion of eternal optimism and all that sort of stuff. For feeble-minded people, any illusion will do, as long as they are comfortable, because they will not understand anyway.

  7. No. If a person lives with illusions, it always leads to negative consequences. Therefore, any illusions must be ruthlessly eliminated. Knowledge is power.

  8. If it is not difficult for you to live like a one-day moth in the” eye ” of a typhoon, then you do not need illusions – in principle. Most of us are forced to protect our own psyche from every minute contact with the cruel reality .That is, to live in a world of illusions, metaphors and allegories. But these metaphors and allegories should be quite correct in those areas where much depends on your actions. �Well, just like our physical and other mathematical models.

    A simple example. The classic Chinese was able to tirelessly perform the most monotonous work. This was achieved by the fact that in his world of illusions, such work improved him spiritually. �At least. �Also, he could” on-the-job ” ki circulate, say. And this is the path to power and physical immortality. In his illusory world, I repeat.

    Please note that this illusion only helped the actual activity.

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