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  1. We are descended from primates, which are quite aggressive by nature. A war for territory, for a place in the hierarchy, and all that. The intelligence assigned by civilization is still very poorly coping with biological systems, incorrectly interpreting our capabilities as a biological organism. So far, we use it to justify our animal nature, calling animal things civilized. Not a fight for a place, but ambition and prospects. Not a struggle for territory, but foreign policy or communism with its privatization. Animal behavior is taken and justified by social abstraction. You can live differently, there are loopholes in the psyche, you can not be tense “ambitious” animals, but it is not yet clear how many hundreds of years humanity will be stewed in social justifications of its animal nature. In addition, bad humanity is usually noticed by people who have just lost the social race. In fact, victims of social excuses. Which is also bad, because being a victim of abstractions is very offensive. Psychology neutralizes such things, but it is still just beginning to occupy at least some place in people's lives. Plus, she very often participates in social excuses, trying to make people ambitious machines for extracting social success, which leads to burnout of the nervous system. So all this may end, of course, but it's hard to imagine how many hundreds or thousands of years it will take.

  2. There is of course. First of all, people are not all bad everywhere. Cowardice, meanness. cowardice and stupidity in some conditions and regimes can be necessary qualities for survival. The rest disappeared into oblivion. It is worth reading for example Solzhenitsyn on the topic.

  3. You see, the thing is, if people were really bad, you and I wouldn't be having a nice chat on the Internet, using great gadgets, but would be tearing each other's throats out with our teeth, in some stinking swamp .

  4. Your case is dealt with by the science of formal logic, which explains why subjective evaluative opinion and generalization cannot be a fact and subject of research.

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