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  1. From personal observations: I once rode with a dude listening to pop pop radio. It was in the morning, the host of the morning show joked incongruously bearded jokes about blondes and selfies. My parents are in the car listening to rock radio, I haven't heard any outright stupidity there from either the presenters or callers. It is necessary, of course, to take into account the CA of the stations, but I am inclined to think that there is a correlation rather than not.

  2. It can be said that more intelligent people often stand out for their individuality, in almost all areas of life, including tastes in music.

    And such a genre as pop, and similar ones, aimed specifically at a large audience of people. Therefore, it is possible to find some correlation between these variables.

    (However, I have not yet seen an experiment that would fully confirm this opinion)

  3. I would like to see the results of such a study myself, but let's think logically. We will divide the works into simple and complex in their sound and into simple and complex in the semantic load of texts.

    If you take only music, without words, then it is worth admitting that the sound of orchestral music is complex in itself, or classics that differ in many notes and keys. This requires listening and understanding, mindfulness, to follow each note and key and put them on the” grid ” of perception. When we listen, we sort of draw a picture, as if using paints, where instead of paints, notes and tonalities. You listen and draw a complex pattern of sounds. It requires mental skill and imagination. What can not be said about pop music, hip-hop, drum and bass, and so on.

    If you take music with lyrics from Russian music, then the sound of songs by Vysotsky or Grebenshchikov requires the ability to recognize new information and this is more difficult than ” Hop hey lalalay “or” Hey, how many friends, dance more fun, I'll close my eyes and everything will be OK. I sit high, I look far, I can't find you so easily.”

    This is just so, a couple of examples, but in general, the level of intelligence is also associated with the choice of taste preferences, the choice of authors of books and poets, the choice of channels and groups (for example) Vkontakte. There is a difference, whether a person is subscribed to the MDK or to “Around the World” or ” How does it work?”

  4. On the Internet, something like this has been going around for a long time. It states that high intelligence is typical for fans of jazz, blues, rock, metal; low intelligence is typical for fans of pop and turnip. Direct evidence (links to research reports, such as this plan) I haven't found it yet, although I can already say that many subtleties are not taken into account. Unfortunately, I see direct evidence every day. And I will say that they are not very far from the result of an Internet search for the phrase ” the relationship between personal preferences and intelligence.”

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