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  1. Yes. For example, the word “normal”. I keep hearing about “normal people”, “normal food”, and “normal music”. What kind of norm is used in this definition is known only by the speaker himself, but for some reason he believes that this word is understandable to others without explanation.

  2. There are a lot of such words – truth, justice, conscience, patriotism, etc.

    It seems that there are definitions and quite unambiguously interpreted for each such word, but each person understands these words in his own way… And in the world there is no absolute truth or justice, etc. – there are only our subjective assessments in accordance with our ideas about truth and justice… In another person, they can be very different, and in a third person they can be directly opposite.

    Let's take patriotism – for me it means love for the camp of Russia and for the people around it, and the desire to make better conditions for all these people and the country itself. For some, this is love for the state of the Russian Federation, and for some, personally for Putin… etc.

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