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  1. To each according to his faith. But faith is not what everyone thinks, but what they do, what they get results in, and what will happen after death.

    For the vast majority, NOTHING.

    To get a Life further, you need to start Living HERE, and not survive, playing the themes of family-work-hobbies, deceiving yourself with science-religions-esotericism, then there is a chance for Life to continue.

  2. I am afraid of death only because my perception of the world, etc., will no longer exist, which means that I will not learn about how humanity discovered another life in the universe and not one, how a cure for deadly diseases was invented, how a person can remember a large amount of information in a few seconds and will not need to spend many years. Perhaps my statements above look childish, but I would really like to know what will happen in 100-150 years.

  3. I'm not afraid now,I didn't think about it before,but now I'm definitely not afraid!21.06.20 my beloved husband died in an accident,and now I'm not afraid, because he's there.And (as in the song by Irina Dubtsova) I follow him to the abyss, and to the sky at least where only for him alone, as if there is pride here.

  4. Of course, yes, and this fear controls our behavior all our lives, whether we want it or not.

    I want to believe that consciousness will remain clear and the death of the physical body will give a unique opportunity for our consciousness to move to a new level of the existence of matter(energy), and finally touch the most cherished and incomprehensible source and cause of all causes..

  5. I'm not afraid of death, but I'm even waiting for it… It's like an exciting journey, but that doesn't mean I want to physically bring it closer myself, because I know I won't end this life experience … which I chose myself to get this… this experience.. I will have to be reborn again to complete the journey…

  6. I only fear a painful death. I don't believe in an afterlife. I believe that nothing will happen and I am not upset about it. As the saying goes: “if only this life will be the last.”

  7. I'm not afraid, and I don't see the point. Perhaps because of my age, but I just don't understand why I should worry about what's inevitable. The only thing I would like: to die quickly and painlessly) The presence of the fact of death determines the value of life, and it is about life that you need to think while you live. And what is there, beyond the line, is known only to those who can no longer be asked. But I believe in the afterlife and rebirth too)

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