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  1. Are you talking to your inner voice?

    I've been talking for many years, but not anymore.
    I already know what he's going to say 😉

    Is it possible to be sure that it's me, maybe it's someone else?

    Heh, this question is a bit more complicated than it sounds.
    That is, of course, yes, it is you, and there is no one else in your head.
    But… but almost there.
    Maybe mom, maybe dad, maybe some very close person. In fact, there are several equally probable options, and this is completely irrelevant.
    Something else is important. These voices are not really people – they are images of people. Specifically those images that have formed in your mind (and to which, perhaps, you once experienced strong emotional attachments).
    That is, this is a completely normal consequence of upbringing in childhood.
    Everyone was raised by people. That's why everyone has voices in their heads.
    (ok, you can probably find someone who was raised by mute parents, but this is very rare).
    Your inner voice doesn't have to sound like your mom's or dad's (although it does happen). Years pass, and this voice of T. S. is “fused”, distorted, corrected by its own subconscious processes, and a person may well have a voice inside as if it were himself. But in fact it is his own consciousness, nothing more.

  2. The inner voice of a person is an excellent mechanism for filling in the gaps in your psychological defense. The child does not have enough communication – he invents an imaginary friend for himself. Don't have enough people to discuss your latest thoughts? So here it is, in your head. Personally, my inner voice serves as a motivational and stimulating tool. It is he who tells me that I will calmly cope with the task. So you definitely don't need to be afraid of him) Well, if you really decided to get rid of it, then it's time to dig into the reasons for its appearance.

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