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  1. It's like we've studied ourselves inside out…

    Most people are forced to live in a society that closely intersects with others. Communication has different sides: communicative, interactive, and perceptual. So: to achieve your goals (interaction), you need to communicate with others (communication) with the right grimace, so that they think well of you (perception).

    In society, we are all forced to wear masks that strictly correspond to our current role at one time or another. In different institutions and circumstances, we are somewhat different. This is the basis for successful self-promotion to social success, in societies with stricter rules, you can't get anywhere without this game. Even counterculturists who reject these conventions also put on a mask. Counterculturists who reject conventions.

    There is nothing shameful about this performance, but you should not allow yourself to be dissolved in these images. Try on only the role that is closer to you. Stanislavsky will not praise Louis de Funes as the Terminator – it will be unorganized. There will be no applause or awards for such an artist.

    Regarding myself: Yes, I also wear a mask. I sometimes portray to the public a slightly better state of my personal affairs than it really is; at work, I play the role of a light and cheerful “shirt guy”. I don't want to make a career in my office anyway, I'm just a mercenary there, and career growth there is only for ideological fanatics. And, if you'll excuse me, I won't say any more about my work affairs.

    It's easier here, no need to pretend. Among people with fairly broad views, there are no obstacles to reasonable self-expression (except for moderators!!!). Despite deanonymization – a very unpleasant fact – I am still not afraid to write here what I think is necessary. Lately I've been writing in simple words – so that everyone can see my dope.

    And how do you know who you are? Do we know ourselves well? Our life is like traveling in a world without mirrors – you can only see a part of yourself by the lake, on a calm, windless day. It's good if someone takes you to this lake and shows you your face. Don't be surprised if you've worn a lot of alien masks and they cut into your skin – you won't recognize yourself. Thank this person – they gave you a chance to return to your real self. Falseness kills us.

    PS Choose only your roles. Let the director and producer stay out of your game – they can't play you better. Don't expect applause and flowers – there are no spectators in this performance. Here they-ovations – have nowhere to come from, if you hear them-do not attach any importance to them, in a minute the same people will be booing you. Don't think that this is something that belongs to you. Even the props are state – owned, and you can't take them any further than the stage. Do not memorize the role, play on improvisation. Even if you play a buffoon, play it with dignity – this is the last thing that can be taken away from a person.

    P. P. S. If you wrote nonsense and game-feel free to put dislikes and scold in the comments. I appreciate your sincere criticism as much as your approval.

  2. Previously, there was a need to pretend and somehow not advertise your any experiences, so I wore a cheerful girly dress.
    But now I have no friends left in my life, so I live on my own.

  3. In my opinion, absolutely ALL adults living in society have to pretend. Complete sincerity is characteristic at best of small children, at worst of people suffering from certain mental disorders.

    I don't think you will immediately knock on the face of an impudent employee at work (fellow student, boss, salesman), despite the fact that you really want to? Somewhere keep quiet, somewhere sarcastically express yourself, but in your heart-the Devil himself is bubbling! Hop! Make-believe!�
    Or you came to the cinema with a lovely maiden, and the film is not of the highest quality, but the companion is delighted. What to do? Keep pretending.

    As a result, for virgo you are a gallant boyfriend, for employees-a balanced hard worker, for friends-a sociable fellow, and for someone-a vicious and sullen type.�
    And where are you – the real you?

    Actually, you are – all these masks and facets, and the more of them, the more interesting and versatile the person. This is how I perceive myself, and I use the same approach to analyze others. Not lies, but facets.

    But these are images that appear in the situation, created by yourself for comfortable communication. It is rather a matter of good breeding and the ability to engage in dialogue, compromise, and relationships. The main thing is not to try on masks that are not typical of you, for example, in the pursuit of approval, attention of someone, in the pursuit of financial success. And even more so – never lie to yourself (I can't even imagine how some people manage this).

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