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  1. Strange question. And I saw, apparently, still the vulva, and not the vagina.

    The person who committed the act is to blame.

    Well, if we talk in general terms, then the one who did not give the correct sex education is to blame. Well, a normal person's brain should not be disconnected from the sight of what is natural for animals.

  2. I can assume that such an impulse arose due to the fact that the view of the genitals of the opposite sex has always been taboo for you, as a result of appropriate upbringing from your parents. If your parents taught you about this area, or at least did not make it forbidden for you, then you would treat what you saw more simply and dispassionately. It's just that what is hidden and taboo is already becoming more tempting, especially in this area. I think if people often saw naked bodies of the opposite sex, at least in photos, they would not be so tempting for people.

  3. Very strange question. It would be the fault of someone who would rape an innocent girl. It is not clear exactly at what age the idea of rape would have occurred. Childhood is a generalized term. Pedophilia is a terrible thing, there are both supporters and those who love to do it. In my thoughts and dreams, it is still permissible, but in practice it is punishable. Having sex must be consensual, otherwise it is considered rape.

  4. Hello. The context of the response depends on many nuances. So the answer may or may not help you. Since the question itself does not describe the situation of the action that occurred and also does not indicate the approximate ages of the participants in this action. So my answer will describe the situation from different points of view.

    What I think:

    • If you were under 12+years old. In this case, this situation is explained by the fact that “YOU” most likely saw a lot of adult content, most likely, and you saw her sexual organ subconsciously reacted to it as something exciting or as a curious object that “YOU” would like to explore, that is, look, touch, etc.
    • If you were over 12+years old. In this case, this situation is explained by the fact that you develop sex hormones, most likely also due to the fact that you have seen a lot of adult content or you, at school, in anatomy lessons studied the structure of a person and you became interested in the female sexual organ.

    What you wrote about turning off the brain-it could be as a stupor after you saw an unknown female sexual organ, and also because your consciousness decided to turn off due to the production of a huge amount of hormones at the sight of a female sexual organ.

    Epilogue: In your case, it would be both of you, but mostly you, if you only knew what you were doing during sexual intercourse and if your sister was against it. If you didn't know the meaning of sexual intercourse at the time and you did it because you or you were curious, then it would be considered that you had learned something new and then you wouldn't worry about whether you were guilty or not.

    Conclusion: According to the law, it would be your fault if only she resisted or told you that she did not want to have sexual intercourse with you.

  5. Well, in short, the one who raped is to blame. However, the question is quite interesting, at least starting with how you can accidentally see your sister without clothes. But okay, everything in life happens, but the brain should not turn off in such situations, after all, the head is given not only to eat. However, this situation suggests that you did not have sufficient sexual education, from which such consequences emerge.

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