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  1. This is a conditional concept. You can understand who you are even as a child, and you may never know it in your entire life. In itself, a person has no predisposition to either good or evil, everything depends only on the environment and moral principles embedded in him when he was a child. And the life situations in which he finds himself, and from the stability of the character, of course

  2. A person's personality is formed throughout life, there is no boundary. In youth, up to 25 years, a certain “basis” is formed consisting of principles, views, and worldview. Further changes occur depending on the work/Social circle, etc. Do not forget that a genetic predisposition or talent for something can awaken in 40 years.

  3. Personality is formed at the moment when you become completely free from everything that surrounds you, namely opinions, desires, people.For the most part, the influence of society does not allow a person to form as a person based only on their beliefs and principles.

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