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  1. When you have something to give these children. And not only financially, but also morally. When your child will at least have something to say if they are asked who their parents are.
    Well, when there is an absolute understanding that the child is a person, and not a way of self-realization. And not a second chance. And you will definitely be sure that you will not indulge your complexes as a child.
    And how many years it will happen, no one can predict.

  2. It is better to start at an age when you can support this very child, it is better that at the same time you have a husband with a good job and several years of marriage with you. I think the optimal age when all these factors most often converge is 28-30 years. Someone will say that it is too late, but medicine does not stand still and now in 30 years to give birth there are no problems. But you will be able to provide your child with everything necessary for healthy and full development.

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