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  1. Here we live, get pleasure from life, and at some point we begin to determine what we want from life, and this is where the problems begin: “the path to success”, “self-realization” in general, following stereotypes, then going to a psychologist, alcoholism, frustration, depression, then addiction, old age, death.

  2. The only thing we need is an attitude to ourselves, which is that we owe nothing to anyone but ourselves to be happy and to those who have selflessly helped us.

    Everything else is just a shell made up by those who want to get something out of you. So every time you hear “should” ask yourself the question – ” to whom?”.

  3. At the age of 5, I definitely decided that I would live in a big city, where trams go and street lamps burn(I was born in a small town with a population of 40 thousand). Subconsciously, I probably understood that I would study at the institute and I would have an interesting job(I wanted to be a geologist then), so I needed to study well at school. So I studied, my desires appeared, changed, and I grew up. But she remained true to her dream, so to speak. It was the 60s and 70s. Everything happened as I wanted, but I really didn't become a geologist. In fact, it's simple-it's strange that many people in adolescence do not know what to want.

    I agree DAR DARRIA L . 100% complete.

  4. You need to decide when the need arises. There is no such rule that every individual, say at the age of 16, must clearly set life goals for himself. And if there is discomfort from the lack of a goal, then I would do this: I would close my eyes and imagine my ideal day, let's say in 5/10/15 years. And then open your eyes and start making sure that after this time you will live just such a day (and not just one).

  5. Yes, in any case! You don't owe anyone anything.�

    This is your life. You may want nothing from her, or you may want everything at once. It's up to you to decide how to live it and what to do. Enjoy the moment.

  6. The mirror stands in front of the mirror, and we see multiple reflections of the mirrors ' reflections.
    It seems to me that the question was formulated on the same principle.

    “I haven't decided yet whether I want to define my own life or whether someone else can do it better, so here's the question. I can't decide at what age I would like to decide on my life priorities…And in general, whether I want something, too, is not yet fully understood…”

    Very cute and not logical ^^ �The ability to make any (even the most irresponsible) decisions, I would put under great doubt if I were the author.

    But in essence:

    DARRIA L 875, above shared a reasonable opinion, imaginative and accessible.
    And the answer may well be a dialogue from the TV series Friends, 6.06
    – So, since I'm moving out of the apartment, now you will have to pay all the bills…
    – Clear, and when to pay?
    “The first day.
    “Every month?”
    “No, only the months you really want to live here.

  7. I don't think that such a question can be decided once and for all. People develop and thus change. And accordingly, the goals that we set for ourselves change. So at any age, it may be necessary to redefine, re-understand what a person wants. By the way, when President Abraham Tomasovich Lincoln was pointed out to some contradiction between his previous and new statements, he replied that “the presidential oath does not include the obligation not to get smart.”

  8. I don't think you should ever decide what you want out of life. As you grow older and gain experience, your desires, needs, dreams, and goals change. Some succeed others. That's exactly what you need to live with. Why so globalize and strive for something that runs through a lifetime?

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