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  1. I would like to live in a country where conventional laws are observed (i.e. laws adopted by a democratic vote, referendum, or independent parliament) and where no one interferes or forbids me to live and think the way I want (without violating the law).

    And what kind of religious rules they will follow me violet. At least they wear a bucket on their head and eat snow on Mondays. As long as they don't interfere and don't tell me how to live my life and other people who don't share their faith.

    And please learn to write “you” with a small letter when addressing a group of people. Your religion doesn't forbid you to write correctly, does it?

  2. Of course not for any reasonable person pointers are not needed when to eat sausage and when not to I am not a calf in the herd to indicate to me especially since these holy hierarchies behave completely indecently and abominably

  3. it depends on what religion. I like pastafareans)))

    Yes, yes, I understand that it's kind of “not real”..

    But according to the laws, you can believe what you want, and religion is just a belief with a certain hierarchy that has gained the right number of users))

    To be honest, I wouldn't want to.

    and while some religions aren't so bad, the very” boniness” of any faith will lead society to fiercely target those who don't pray three times a day or something similar.

    that's how people work)
    So , no, I don't want to. there will be totalitarian theocracy.

  4. Your question reminded me of a story about a swindler of the 90s, who, rereading Dostoevsky, kept excitedly repeating: “How I would like to live in this time! How I would love to work with these people!!”)

    In such a predictable and predictable environment, with such predefined algorithms for the behavior of others, of course, there would be a place to turn around…)

  5. If in this country it was so-I called myself a follower of religion, then I must observe everything, from fasting to “do not steal”, and for non – compliance-punishment, but if I did not name myself, then live exclusively within the framework of the Criminal Code, then yes, I am ready to live in such a country, because in it 99% of the population will become atheists, literally within a year.

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