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  1. Vulgarity with the meaning “banality” – if it is strong, it indicates a lack or low level of creative thinking.

    Vulgarity with the meaning of “obscene rudeness” depends on the age and ability to manage yourself and your emotions, the ability to adequately express them.If in a society where a person spends most of his time, gross obscenities are accepted, then this is a relative norm.If they are not accepted , but a person cannot cope with the “vulgarity” – a psychological shift.

  2. Rather no than yes, since vulgarity mainly manifests itself during the period of hormonal maturation, in any case, if you have already passed this period, then you are just such a person.

  3. No, it's just an indicator of a person's perception of the world; a framework that limits their thinking. The thinking and worldview of all people is somehow limited and focused on some area. The vulgar view of things evaluates their superficial qualities.

  4. Definitely not. Vulgarity is a kind of manifestation of one's own sexuality, an expression of one's libido, a statement about it. People have different degrees of sexual desire and desire. And depending on the individual level of libido, a person's sexuality also manifests itself in different ways. Therefore, strong vulgarity is just a way to express your attitude to the sexual sphere, about your sexual interest. And, of course, the emancipation of a person plays an important role. Often, with a high level of libido, a person will not “be vulgar” or openly talk about topics that embarrass him because of complexes, self-doubt, a sense of “forbidden” this topic, and so on.

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