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  1. Hm. Right on the second hour of the night of the second day of the second month of the fifty-third year�

    • for example, that everything is meaningless, that life is not fair; – and that at the same time, meanings, and love, and warmth can be found and created. And be happy as long as they're with you. And that happiness can be long-lasting. And it will all be over. And with all this-quite…
  2. If globally – to do what you like, and not force yourself with a bad job, relationships, etc., with the belief that something is about to get better, that this is a transition period, a sacrifice for success in the future, career growth and other nonsense. You should be comfortable here and now. If this is not the case and it doesn't last for a day or even a month, then you are doing something wrong. You review your priorities in life, otherwise this discomfort will last for years, and for many, for the rest of their lives, because of the fear of change or rejection. Personally, I realized that a tit in the hands can be more abruptly than any cranes, especially if you get it on your own terms. Therefore, as a continuation-you need to respect yourself, be able to say “no”, otherwise the compromise then very much sideways climbs. Don't let someone else decide for you, as much as possible in each specific situation.

    You need to build relationships with people who love and respect you, and respond to them in kind, and it is better to avoid others if possible.

  3. Adulthood is not an age, but an acceptance of responsibility for your life.

    The mind grows not with years, but with use.

    New generations always consider themselves smarter than the previous ones, but they make mistakes according to the same patterns.

  4. Time has taught us that it is not linear, but cyclical. Moving forward is an illusion – both for the individual and for the country. The more I think and dig into myself, the closer I get to the inner kindergarten child – it turns out that the beginning was the goal. And the changes in life around, it is worth scratching them – a renewed former. Each new generation is deceived anew by the same thing as the old one, but the old one is already in sclerosis, and there is no continuity – so the illusion of novelty is possible. In short, time, as a process, teaches that “all is vanity and vexation of the spirit,” which is timeless.

  5. The question is simple, but necessary for your own understanding of yourself. Time has taught me to wait, not to look at the weather forecast a week ahead, and to solve problems as they come in. Time to learn not to wait for tomorrow, but to seize this moment. Here is a typical response.

  6. The fact that you need to have time to live the way you want it. If you listen to your parents/friends, you will live their life, not your own.

    No need to drown in relationships where you are unhappy, you deserve more. Find the strength to get rid of this burden and daily neuroticism. You think it makes you happy and you won't find anyone better, but you're wrong.

    You need to find time for people who are truly dear to you, because life can end very abruptly, and you will reproach yourself for what you did NOT do (yes, I do)

    A job that you like-существует exists. You just need to make an effort to find the right one for you, it may take years, but it's worth it.

    I need to take care of my health not at 30,40,50, but much earlier, I am now 28, but I already have health problems that would not have happened if I had followed the body's signals in time, so to speak.

  7. Analyze, realize, restrain yourself, observe yourself in the moment, see children in people, see personalities in children, allow yourself to live, set personal boundaries

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