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  1. There is no meaning in your “No”, but in everything else it is, perhaps not so great, perhaps not so obvious, but it is in everything, and I assure you of this.

  2. This is it.

    That is, That.

    It's either this or that.

    What is not this and not that, is not this and not that.

    Something and this, then itself.

    What is Self-sufficient, then it can be that,

    yes, not this, or this, but not that.

    This went into this, and that went into this.

    We say: God blew.

    This went into this, and that went into that,

    and we have nowhere to go and nowhere to come.

    It's gone into this. We asked: where?

    They sang to us: here.

    It came out of Here. What's it? that's it.

    This is that.

    That is, this.

    There's this and that.

    It's gone into this, it's gone into that,

    and then it went to here.

    We looked, but we didn't see.

    And there was this and that.

    There not here.

    There it is.

    Here it is.

    But now there's this and that.

    But now here's this and that.

    We yearn and think and yearn.

    Where is it now?

    Now here, and now there, and now here,

    and now here and there.

    It's being that.

    Here to be there.

    This is the here and there to be. I. We. God.

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