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  1. An overabundance of information can lead to infomania, when a person becomes dependent on various types of information. Infomania tends to further adversely affect a person's ability to analyze information and make decisions. This, in turn, can lead to mental degradation. Imagine a colossal flow of information that your brain simply can't handle.

  2. Somewhere once upon a time I met something like this expression “civilizations are dying from an excess of information” and could not immediately understand how this is possible. I will not undertake to explain, but if humanity as a whole is gradually degraded by an overabundance of information, then this also applies to one person.
    But in fact, it is quite difficult to imagine such a situation, since people are full of self-preservation instincts: fatigue, loss of attention, laziness, etc., Besides, a person is able to recover due to sleep, rest, and so on.

  3. I hold to the idea that it can.

    Absolutely,� The Internet and a huge amount of information in the public domain is a good thing. However, this state of affairs creates a certain apathy, indifference to knowledge.

    For example, a grandmother who doesn't use the Internet is happy to watch Discovery programs carefully. About animals, new technologies, and discoveries. Sometimes she calls me to see “what beautiful shots they shot.” And often I refuse, referring to the fact that now I can not approach and if I need to, then I will look at the record on the Internet later. And here – “then” I do not look. I know that the necessary information will always be at hand. But this causes a certain devaluation of information, unwillingness to learn it.

    In addition, most of the information is not useful. Programs about shopping, Dom-2 with Dolzhansky, “Kohana, mi drive in our kids”, ” New challenge on YouTube: Marmalade vs food!”, “Mr. Max went to the pot for the first time”, etc., etc. In this stream of nonsense and absurdity, really worthwhile information can be lost. After all, it is always easier to look at how someone is smeared with feces, rather than learn something really useful.

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