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  1. This question is best answered by the song Naytivykhod “autumn”.

    A person can forget how to love, it's like a mental disorder, with symptoms of aversion to people, especially of the opposite sex, you should consult a psychologist. It will be very difficult to deal with this problem yourself.

  2. It is absolutely impossible to say that “loving” is some kind of skill that you can unlearn. In the romantic sense, those whose” credit of trust ” is exhausted by a particularly passive relationship may experience what is known as exhaustion neurosis or a neurotic reaction to stress. This condition includes withdrawal from social interaction, anger, excessive grief, feelings of helplessness, etc. In the uncomplicated (non-clinical) sense , we are constantly confronted with this. But if there was violence (moral or physical) in a romantic relationship, then a person may well get into post-stress disorder. All these conditions limit a person's ability to co-exist normally with others, as there is neither the desire nor the strength to build work with them.

  3. You may lose the desire to re-enter into any romantic relationship, and disappear for a long time, until some special subject sneaks in and does not interest you more than you need.

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