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  1. Can. Very well copes with this yoga. I've personally seen people almost stop their hearts from working.

    Another question is that training of this kind is not easy and multi-step and requires what you call willpower. Not everyone who has decided to learn this will stay in the learning process.

    Another way is to use the biofeedback method (biofeedback). There, a person is trained to regulate their own psychophysiological reactions, which are considered not very controlled. This is not exactly “willpower”, but arbitrary is the right word.

    Hardware-based training. A special program is written / adapted for a person, they are put in front of a monitor, hung with sensors (sometimes only 2-3 of them, sometimes much more), and put on headphones. He looks at the screen and executes the instructions that the program gives him. Somewhere after the eighth session, most people already have noticeable changes. They usually turn to this method not out of interest (this is not the cheapest pleasure), but to solve specific problems: get rid of migraines, phobias, panic attacks, etc.

  2. It seems that there are known practices that allow you to do this in one way or another. An older friend of mine, whom I have no reason to distrust, told me that when he was young, he was able to control quite a lot of things. For example, he managed to get rid of the doctors who were going to treat his increased acidity in the stomach, showing them both increased and decreased at short intervals.

  3. Yes, there is NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) for this purpose, which is gaining more and more popularity´┐Żhttp://www.nlpu.com/NewDesign/NLPU_WhatIsNLP.html. It is based on the idea that processes in a person's mind are determined by how they perceive and record external information. And perception can be changed through various methods, thereby changing psychological processes.

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