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  1. I do not think that this is a deviation, maybe the person is simply not ready or is asexual.

    Asexuals are people who do not experience sexual attraction. At all. Asexuality is not the same as conscious abstinence from sexual activity. Asexuals can have sex under the influence of social prejudice or seeking to satisfy the desire of a partner,or for procreation. However, they do not experience any emotions. Asexuals can note the physical attractiveness of other people without feeling sexually attracted.

  2. Reasons for not wanting to have sex can be related to both the lack of sexual desire, and the choice of loneliness and masturbation in the presence of sexual desire and satisfaction. The reasons for the lack of sexual desire and satisfaction can be both physiological and psychological. This happens more often in women than in men, and in a larger proportion of cases than in men, it is due to psychological reasons. Reasons for the lack of orgasm in women can be associated with most often unconscious prohibitions on the manifestation of their own sexuality, the partner's tendency to selfish and aggressive sexual behavior, experienced sexual violence, harassment and other traumatic sexual experiences, lack of experience of masturbation and clitoral stimulation in sex, lack of knowledge about sexuality and frankness between partners, lack of necessary social conditions and other reasons. Many forms of sexual behavior are considered unacceptable for women in the context of the existence of double standards of patriarchal morality imposed by the authorities, which are also opposed to sexual education, and for many men, sexuality is associated by a society of gender inequality with various forms of violence, aggression and power. A person who has not experienced sexual gratification may not have a conscious sexual drive, and lack of sexual desire does not mean an inability to reach orgasm. The reluctance to engage in sexual relationships and the choice of solitude and masturbation is more complex, but it can also be caused by societal pressures, including puritanical morals and double standards towards women, or by traumatic experiences of sexual relationships.

    In the case of psychological reasons for problems with sexual desire and satisfaction, or in the case of choosing loneliness, it is incorrect to call a person sick. But the lack of sexual satisfaction is not a normal phenomenon, and it is important that the lack of orgasm in women is just as not the norm as in men. The reasons for women's more frequent sexual problems are purely social and related to gender inequality. To accept them as the norm is to justify this inequality. In this regard, I consider the term “asexuality” incorrect, which implies the normality of such a situation and does not distinguish between the lack of sexual desire and satisfaction and the choice of loneliness. If sex gives sexual satisfaction to only one person in a couple, then in fact it is a form of sexual violence against another person who does not get satisfaction. The question here is rather ethical, since it is hardly possible and necessary to consider this rape in the legal sense. In a society of gender inequality, women are most often forced to have sex without desire and satisfaction, and men should consider sex without satisfaction of a woman unacceptable for themselves, unless both partners want to solve the problems of a woman with an orgasm.

    The vast majority of women get orgasms during masturbation, stimulation in sex with their own hand or the hand of a partner, and cunnilingus, but there are also individual preferences that are recommended to be openly discussed with a partner. In the absence of an orgasm, it is recommended to try all these forms of sexuality and continue to practice them and try different options if the orgasm during masturbation or sex does not occur immediately. Manual and oral clitoral stimulation are recommended to be treated as full-fledged forms of sex. practicing at any time, not just as a “foreplay”, and ending with a woman's orgasm. Partners ' knowledge of sexual issues and their desire to build equal relationships are important. In some cases, you may need sexological help or medications that stimulate women's sexuality. With the fact that they are focused on women. less than male-oriented, you can try to find it. I also answered similar questions by clicking on the links:







  3. Are you not confused by this phrase: “love sex”?

    Sex, generally speaking, is a two-way (at least) process, and in it it is important to “love” not the process itself, but the other side in this process – or, at least, to treat this other side with sympathy )

    Since sex is also a physiological process – like eating, for example – the “occupation” of it, as well as the occupation of food, is determined by the presence of hunger. When I'm hungry, I eat. If I'm not hungry , I don't eat. Hungry, but there is no suitable food-again I do not eat ) And eating out of boredom or not being able to do something else is just as bad a habit as it is for the same reasons… Well, you get it.

    “You'd better be alone,

    than together with anyone,

    And you'd better starve yourself,

    than that got to eat…”

    (Omar Khayyam)

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