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  1. There are different variants of the course of schizophrenia, some imply remissions, in which a person can quite well understand their life situation and even report all sorts of interesting information about seizures. In addition, schizophrenia is generally not something that would be a process of continuous delirium and break with reality, a person may have a disturbed, but not destroyed perception of reality.

  2. Sure. You can even make friends with someone who is diagnosed with schizophrenia, and they will warn you about this. There are also serious cases, such as alcoholic delirium, when a person is not aware of himself at all. It happens up to the point that you can confuse the door with the window.

  3. Can. Even during a relapse. But the internal resistance does not allow us to admit it. Schizophrenics understand everything and are aware of it, but they can't do anything about it. It is true that there is a complete lack of criticism of what is happening, but in remission it is difficult to recognize this. Mostly then it's just suppressed.

  4. Yes, I realize that I have schizophrenia, but I really want to .so that I can have a child At least from a surrogate mother,but with my egg, it seems to me that I can take care of him and hope that he will not be ill

  5. How can a schizophrenic in a state of schizophrenia understand that he is a schizophrenic in a state of schizophrenia, if in a state of schizophrenia it is not possible to understand that you are a schizophrenic in a state of schizophrenia?

  6. I once read a secret in Overheard about a woman who understood that she was beginning to have attacks of schizophrenia and went to the doctor about it. I don't know how true that is…

  7. I have been suffering from schizophrenia since childhood. Even in the first grades of school, I realized that something was wrong with my psyche. True, I was too shy to openly tell my parents about the voices in my head, depression, and isolation. Meanwhile, the disease slowly progressed and the sad consequences were not long in coming: she became an absolutely unsociable conflict girl with a deviant behavior model.

    Fortunately, my mother noticed everything in time and took me to the doctor. So at the age of 11-12 I received an official diagnosis. I am aware of the disease, and I visit my doctor regularly. It seems that none of my friends and acquaintances even notice signs of schizophrenia in me.

    So, what am I getting at with all this? A person suffering from schizophrenia is able to live a full life and be aware of their illness. After all, we are not monsters or monsters, but ordinary people. Don't fall for psychophobic stereotypes.

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