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  1. I don't think so. Genius is an innate quality. A person is either born a genius or not. It is a set of abilities for a particular activity. For example, a writer needs both the ability to generate interesting stories, and a developed sociability, and the ability to successfully express their thoughts, and a tendency to find synonyms. And abilities require the presence of certain physiological makings. For example, a short person can't become a basketball player. And a tall person can become one if they don't even know how to play basketball. In my memory, in the Soviet women's national basketball team, there was a basketball player who played poorly, but was two heads taller than the others. So she would walk slowly to her ring, pick up the ball, and give it to one of the players on her team. Then she slowly moved to the opponent's ring, received the ball and slowly put it in the basket. Once again, she moved slowly toward her ring. In the end, she was a “star”. Another thing is that genius, of course, can not manifest itself from the moment of birth. When this time comes for a particular person, you can only guess. Therefore, I think that genius, if it exists, can manifest itself at any age. However, if it manifests itself at a sufficiently old age, then personally I would not know what to do with it.

  2. Dear Ruslan,

    Thank you for the helpful question!

    My answer is yes, a simple person can become a genius!

    Here is an example.

    At the age of 20, Heinrich Altshuller discovered: there are people, inventors. They want to, but they can't find a solution, make an invention.

    I went to the library and looked at the books. It turned out – there is nothing about the theory of inventions!

    He decided – I can create a Science to invent!

    This was in 1946. After 40 years, TRIZ was created – a technology for solving inventive problems.

    How he acted-read his biography on his website.

    Result: Altshuller has been gone for more than 20 years. But there are his students who continue his Work. Created byInternational TRIZ Association. There is also the Russian TRIZ Association.

    Conferences and forums are held. All over the world, people are being trained to use TRIZ in their lives. And in Russia, Rosatom teaches TRIZ.

    I'll make a conclusion.

    There are many simple geniuses. Altshuller is a super genius! As much as he did, no one did.

    For example:

    1. he created the first remote learning system in the USSR using a typewriter and postal communication; I studied in it;
    2. he created a team working on creating an Algorithm for Solving Inventive Problems; moreover, people lived in different parts of the USSR, from Komsomolsk – on-Amur to Minsk, and from Petrozavodsk to Baku; the team worked without sponsors and investors!!!!
    3. I created a single information system for supporting newcomers, again using mailing lists from a typewriter;
    4. created a Theory of Creative Personality Development that helps other people start their own Creativity;
    5. I've trained several hundred people in TRIZ;
    6. He has written several science fiction books;
    7. created a register of sci-fi ideas;
    8. Created TRIZ, which helps you find new non-standard ideas quickly and of high quality.

    Altshuller's main achievement is that thanks to TRIZ, humanity can now move from Finding solutions to Producing solutions and ideas!!!

    You know , there was a time when people were looking for food, looking for shelter.

    Now they produce food and build homes.

    But unfortunately, many people still spend time looking for solutions even in simple situations!

    Overspending of time, effort, and nerves is a payment for the lack of knowledge and TRIZ and the ability to use it.

    And already children in kindergartens are already being taught TRIZ!

    And it all started once with the fact that a young man of 20 years set a goal – to create a science to invent!

    So all roads are open for you to become a Genius!

    Smart decisions!

  3. MAYBE there are a lot of such examples.

    Personal data and financial resources play a huge role in success.

    The lives of geniuses are very difficult and risky for so many reasons.

  4. Sure. And in order to become a genius, you need only one thing: you need interest. The more interest you have in something, the more time you allow yourself to invest in it. The more time you invest, the more experience you'll have. Try to force a person to become a chess genius – it will not work, because there is not enough interest. Accordingly, if a person learns to play chess, then without interest he will do it anyhow. The carrot and stick method is good here and now, but it completely kills the desire to develop independently in the future. “I've been left behind, so I don't have to play this stupid chess game anymore.” But if interest is aroused, and the excitement of achieving mastery is aroused , then the person will sharpen the skill himself, and it will be difficult to prevent him from doing so. Genius is born out of curiosity and perseverance.

  5. I do not exclude that yes. after all, our brain is not fully understood and who knows how it can work at full capacity, because how do we know that our brain works only at 10%?

    what kind of understanding is a genius anyway?

    who is it? a person who comes up with brilliant solutions to an idea or is good at math is virtuoso in physics and chemistry, so what is a genius?

    I think in our modern world, a genius is even the one who just sees the essence of what is happening around while everyone thinks that everything is so necessary .(thoughts out loud)

    Still, I think you can become a genius, it all depends on how your brain is formed since childhood. do they tell you fairy tales about non-existent circumstances and characters, thereby clogging up your brain from childhood? or they talk to you properly as with an adult throwing up mathematical problems and topics of quantum physics from childhood, then you can't avoid being a genius .

  6. Under certain conditions, yes, but geniuses have a lot of defects, especially if this is a super gifted person, then his super talent goes only in one or several directions, for example, Stu Unger, already in his teens he could beat professionals and champions, but in other directions he was not good at all.

  7. Rather the opposite…can a genius become simple?After all, you will agree that everyone is a genius by birth.But there is a problem with simplicity…What is simple? Violet – – – – – – – oh, be clear…. this is easy!

  8. Can. Why not? Classically, a genius is a person with superpowers in art, science, politics, or something else. You can also become a genius at the expense of luck – brilliant luck. Hitting the right time in the right place in the right stream can also be a genius. Try now to draw a Black square and sell it for some money ,and this is a brilliant work of Malevich. But, like it or not, a genius is a person who has some super abilities, superpowers and managed to realize them, accidentally or intentionally, hitting the right time, in the right place. You can become a genius in many areas, for example, in science, in criminal business, just in business , and, of course, there are many geniuses in the world of art and sports.�

    I still remember that in front of my balcony there was a huge poster with a portrait of Lenin , and at the bottom the inscription “Lenin is a genius in the affairs of generations”.

  9. Genius is hard work and self-belief! We need to learn and develop, and this will bear fruit. The main thing is never to give up! Thomas Edison said:�

    Genius is 1% talent and 99% labor.�

  10. Genius is hardly an innate quality, even though it is usually romanticized in this way. However, there are different cases when children from 4-5 years old already write brilliant music, draw masterpieces,and solve complex mathematical problems. However, the nature of this phenomenon is still poorly understood, and it is too early to draw conclusions.

    Typically, “what we call genius” consists of ” several components:

    1.�Obsessing over one area to the detriment of others.Great scientists and artists were often unhappy and “not adapted to” everyday life and ” social contacts. They sacrificed their entire lives to achieve their goals. Maybe it was this superhuman dedication to “one direction”that helped them” become geniuses.

    2.�Abnormality.”Yes, those who we now call geniuses were hardly normal people, they showed their eccentric behavior and views. Many suffered from mental disorders” – schizophrenia, narcissistic disorder, manic disorder” – frequent companions of brilliant people. Whether they became so because of illness or incredible work led to a mental disorder is debatable, but a fact is a fact.

    3. “Actions outside” the usual norms and ” laws.A “genius” is always a person who rises above the ” laws of the field in which he works. If the field is present in�the form of a pyramid,�have�her�reason to be inexperienced workers, just above�— good people with�experience on�top�— talented professionals, the marked society and�have consistently high performance. But geniuses will be above this pyramid, they act on “facets, go beyond” the understanding of their contemporaries, and “this is why they” manage to create something fundamentally new.

    Can�whether “simple man” suddenly develop�yourself obsession to go with�crazy�work, to renounce�society and�to devote himself to his work as a whole? Probably. Will he become a genius? Not a fact. It is absolutely possible to say that there is no recipe or secret “how to be a genius” and”can not be”. Geniuses won't ” do ” it— they don't have time. But “mere mortals” do not know this state.

    An important element of genius is recognition. How�you�not�was brilliant, but�if society you not�recognize you�not�will have time to see the fruits of his genius in his lifetime. Geniuses often did not live to be recognized, perhaps because they were so far ahead of their time that their contemporaries were unable to appreciate their work.

    And now let's think about how much a “common man” should strive for “genius” in general. After all, this is a lot of selfless work, the risk of developing a mental disorder, living an unhappy life, and never being recognized. Isn't�better�?:

    • Just be good at what you do
    • Combine and “keep in balance” the fruits of your work and ” other areas of life
    • Improve the quality of your life, not sacrifice it
      At the very least, we “know” how to achieve this result, and”can borrow the experience of many people who have achieved it before”us.

    One of the main components is the harmonious development and training of the brain. People often strive for some exorbitant results, although they have not yet reached the completely accessible ones, have not taken advantage of the already existing potential. Training your memory, attention, and thinking skills is one of the basics that will help you stay alert, alert, and focused. You can train on the Wikium platform. We have developed exercises that help to pump the brain in a playful way.

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