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  1. Since there is no “universal woman” and “universal man,” there is no universal answer to this question.

    Any particular woman, with her own individual set of qualities, can be happy without a man, depending on these qualities.

    Especially if her experience with specific men was not entirely successful.

  2. According to research published this year, unmarried women without children are on average happier and more successful than married women with children; for men, the situation is the opposite. But I do not rule out that the research was sponsored by femoshiza, and this is a predictable result.

  3. Can. A self-sufficient woman does not need a man: he will be a hindrance. . Asexual, too. And a lesbian doesn't need men at all. Free women live longer, achieve greater success in their work. They have more opportunities to improve themselves and put their plans into practice. They are financially independent and can rest as they like, and where they want. The myth of the need for a man for a woman's happiness was invented by men.

  4. Of course not, every woman's entire world is built exclusively around a man. This image of a man is like a cell on which everything else is held. When it's empty, everything collapses.

  5. Strange wording in the question. Can and why with or without a man. You can be happy or not, and single or with a man. Of course, it is possible and even necessary, regardless of the jurisdiction of men, children and other relatives. Each person has their own needs for a sense of happiness, someone is enough for a sunny day and a smile from someone who is nearby.

  6. I think everyone can live the way they want.

    A man can be without a woman, and a woman without a man.

    The only question is whether they will be happy. To each his own.

    But still, life is more beautiful when you can share it with someone else.

  7. It can't go all the way. Everyone, both women and men, is sharpened by nature to communicate and attract the opposite sex. Women who have not married or had children and have lived like this all their lives, and there are such women, feel devastation, a bitter sense of loss, an overwhelming pain that they have missed something in their life that they think is important.

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