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  1. If we talk about autism as an independent disease (ASD), then it is congenital. But there is autism as a symptom of another mental disorder, it can manifest itself at any age. The closeness of a teenager and the desire to get away is in itself wrong to call autism( many children with this diagnosis just love the company and enjoy communicating to the best of their abilities). Autism can be the first symptom of juvenile schizophrenia, the consequence of a traumatic event, and much more. You need to look for the reason, ´┐Żand work with it. A psychiatrist or psychotherapist will help you do this, depending on what exactly triggered the teenager's autistic behavior.

  2. It can't, because it's a congenital condition.

    It should be understood why the child seeks solitude. If he can fully communicate with other people, but can not stay in society for a long time – this is introversion. If he is afraid of what people will think of him, this is social phobia.

    If there are signs of autism, then the child has always been like this. And the injury could have contributed to the aggravation of the condition.

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