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  1. There are many studies on this topic and here are some examples of them:

    1. “In 1947, the American General Marshall organized a survey of World War II veterans from combat infantry units in order to determine the behavior of soldiers and officers in real combat operations. The results were unexpected. Less than 25% of the soldiers and officers of the US Army's combat infantry units fired in the direction of the enemy during the battle. And only 2% deliberately aimed at the enemy.
      A similar picture was in the Air Force: more than 50% of enemy aircraft shot down by American pilots accounted for 1% of pilots. It turned out that in those types of battles where the enemy is perceived as a person and a person (these are infantry battles, fighter duels, etc.), the army is ineffective, and almost all the damage caused to the enemy is created by only 2% of the personnel, and 98% are not able to kill.”

    2. “American psychologists Sveng and Marchand, who worked for the Pentagon, found that if a combat unit conducts continuous combat operations for 60 days, then 98% of the personnel go crazy. Who are the remaining 2%, who in the course of combat clashes are the main fighting force of the unit, its heroes? Psychologists clearly and reasonably show that these 2% are psychopaths. These 2% had serious mental health problems even before they were conscripted.”

    Here is also a documentary on this topic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_xQM7dSuv0I

    As for me, the answer is obvious-no, I wouldn't be able to kill a person intentionally, perhaps even in self-defense.
    Many times I asked this question to my friends and almost always received an answer similar to that only out of a sense of revenge for my family, etc.

  2. At the expense of the first question in the question: the answer has already been given.�

    I answer the second one. No person can answer this question with 100% accuracy, whether they can kill a person, until they find themselves in a situation where they have to kill a person. In self-defense, to survive, or for other reasons.�

    I can spend hours here supposedly proving whether I could or not, but it will all be arguments from scratch. Because only a person who has already committed a murder will answer this question with absolute accuracy. That's all. The rest of us can only guess.�

    Even the most powerful person may not raise his hand at the very last moment, and the weakest person may have such a fear in his head that he will chop anyone to survive.

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