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  1. More likely no than yes. At least, emotions and consciousness are inextricably linked, and the existence of the latter requires even minimal reflection, i.e. the inclusion of one's own sensory experience in the information processing process.

    In general, consciousness is a multicomponent phenomenon. It can be represented as several information processes; several streams that merge at one point, where they undergo synergy, forming something whole and qualitatively new. At the same time, the main “flow” is precisely reflexive – it consists of thoughts, i.e. conscious images that have an emotional assessment. Giving phenomena an emotional category (at least at the binary level of good/bad) helps us to build our behavior. We can say that the basis of reason is precisely a value judgment, and if we remove its component from the whole system of thinking, we will get something like a homunculus – an incomplete organism that is not capable of complex intellectual activity.

  2. Let's dance from the stove.

    What are our emotions? If SOOOOO rude, then these are some disturbances of mental activity. As biochemistry shows, these disturbances are associated with certain substances that are either produced or, conversely, decomposed in the process of testing emotions. We cannot yet say exactly the names and concentrations corresponding to certain emotions, however, the link itself has been established. So emotions are the influence of hardware on software.

    LET's say that we have received a certain set of computing devices and software, interacting with which we can assume that this set has consciousness. How can we find out? Only by building a dialog. Our artificial interlocutor builds this dialogue based on the available data. Most likely, if this artificial consciousness wants to interact with a person, it will adapt to those who conduct the dialogue. And, perhaps, it will demonstrate something that can be perceived by emotions. Or it won't. It depends on how the other person reacts. But if the manifestation of irrationality is more beneficial than consistent logic, then it will certainly be demonstrated. However, only as long as it is profitable. Plus, there may be errors and unexpected interactions at both the software and hardware levels. These bugs can also be interpreted as emotions.

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