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  1. I believe that all the events in our life we attract ourselves, there are no coincidences, this or that event occurring in a given period of time serves as a lesson or reward for the actions we have committed.

  2. If the fate in your question is a synonym for the foregone conclusion of events, then it is unlikely.

    Generally speaking, you can find a match in everything. It's just that the brain tends to search for patterns and mystify, unable to find a rational answer. Therefore, in fact, a coincidence is not something extraordinary.

    For example, the latitude of the Egyptian pyramids is equal to the number c – the speed of light. Does this mean that the ancient Egyptians knew about the finiteness of speed? Of course not, it's just that this latitude is only one of those passing through the pyramids. The fact of construction and the fact that we consider latitudes this way is just a combination of circumstances that followed from others. Coincidence is not a foregone conclusion, but an accident.

    (And here, if we consider fate as the status of human existence, then coincidence is undoubtedly part of it).

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