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  1. Happiness is a stable inner state of mind, when a person is satisfied with his life, knows how to enjoy what he has, has realized himself and his ambitions, or is in the process, and also enjoys life.�

    My personal secret to success is that I filter out all negativity, respond only to constructive and friendly criticism from adequate people, don't read or watch anything that carries negative information and can spoil my mood, easily say goodbye to people who are pleasant to me, and don't participate in conflicts. And I'm enjoying my life.

  2. We are all given everything by the universe at birth to live happily ever after…

    But we find ourselves in specific circumstances-family, society, country, which in every possible way try to disfigure our psyche (first of all, to lower our self-esteem – this is easier to manipulate us) and instill strange and incorrect life attitudes-taking which we go on the road in the opposite direction to our happiness…

    Everyone CAN be happy, but this requires serious changes in families, society and the country :-)))

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