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  1. I wouldn't advise you to do anything like that at all. First, this force is stronger and more cunning than you, and no one will tell you or show you who you are contacting. You probably have relatives and friends who, like you, may be haunted by this force. Secondly, if there is such a love for “that” world … well, go to church, why immediately occultism? Why is it necessary to get involved with something unreliable and questionable? If you choose between absolute good and (most likely) absolute evil, isn't it better to choose good?

  2. No, not all of them. Occultists often indulge their unstable minds with all sorts of tricks such as special meditations (I'm not talking about Buddhist and Hindu meditation), visualizations, long prayers, repetition of mantras, etc. But these exercises can not pass without consequences. In psychiatry, there is even the term “cult trauma”, which is used to refer to all those pathological changes in the psyche that occur after practicing the occult. First of all, people who have any signs of mental disorders are subject to cult trauma: emotional instability, a tendency to depressive and dysphoric experiences, excessive isolation, etc.

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