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  1. Psychologists are needed for this in general. 🙂 (Well, not only for this, but among other things.)

    However, if there are signs of clinical depression (in addition to problems with mood and motivation, sleep disorders, appetite in any direction, a drop in libido), it is better to look for a psychotherapist and a psychiatrist right away. Psychologists do not administer therapy or prescribe pills.

    I will add about “how it works”: a competent psychologist should, without putting pressure on you or manipulating you, help you understand yourself, productively reformulate the problem and find solutions. It's like having a good conversation with a friend, with the difference that friends usually still have their own ideas about what our life should look like, they need to pay mutual comparable attention, and they don't have a broad theoretical base and knowledge about the various options for psychological problems, their causes and solutions.

    As for the work of a psychologist, the work of a psychotherapist looks somewhat different.

  2. Girl, I read 4 of your questions here,they are all on the same topic – depression.If this problem really bothers you,you should talk about it.Of course, you can ask around here or on medical forums,or on any other, but it's better to discuss everything with your loved ones.

    Then I would still recommend you to see a psychologist,and if it doesn't help – to a psychiatrist.First of all, depression does not arise “just like that”,the stereotype is very widespread in the world: “you don't do anything in life,so you have depression.Go to work/go to the army/go fuck yourself, etc.” If you really have depression, and not just “depressnyak” (what is fashionable now to call just fatigue and a small excess of stress), you don't need to start it, it will only get worse.A psychologist / psychiatrist will determine why you are depressed,whether there is any other mental disorder behind it(this also happens).

    Try only to carefully select a specialist, and not go to just anyone.As far as I could understand,in the CIS countries, for the most part, psychiatry is not at the highest level.But this is just my personal impression.Good specialists can be found everywhere.

    Contact a psychologist first.If you have bipolar disorder or obsessive-compulsive disorder behind your depression, I recommend cognitive behavioral therapy.If it doesn't help,contact a psychiatrist, but here you also need to carefully choose a doctor.

  3. One trip is unlikely. 5-10 is possible. It depends on the specific case and the right psychologist. After 3-4 consultations, there should be changes for the better – perhaps this is the criterion

  4. It will definitely help. However, you need to correctly approach the choice of a specialist – some psychologists have a completely stereotypical head, they will not be able to help you in any way.

    A competent psychologist will help you sort out your head, and also, just as importantly, prescribe the right pills that can competently suppress depression.

  5. I think that won't help. Everyone knows why they are depressed, they just can't change anything. What do you think a psychologist can do? Talk to her? Is the Internet not enough for you?

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