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  1. If you knew you weren't taking care of her properly, but you kept feeding her doshirak, giving her energy drinks, and injecting her with heroin, then yes. You're a killer and a knacker. And if you bought the wrong brand of turtle food, I don't think you should be self-flagellating. Be more careful next time.

  2. No, you can't. Since ” murderer “is a legal concept derived from the term” murder”, the answer must also be sought in the legal plane.
    A murderer is a person who intentionally caused the death of another person. Therefore, you can only be called a murderer if a) Turtle is the name of a person, b) incorrect content took place with the purpose of causing death, and not out of ignorance. Everything else, as the most ordinary person in the world correctly notes, is self-flagellation.

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