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  1. It's not very clear what exactly you mean by “rewrite”. If in the sense of “changing the past” – no. “Erase” is also not present. Redo it so that in the process of remembering, not what actually happened, but some extraneous construct pops up in memory – also not. What can I do?

    You can make it so that in the process of remembering, those feelings that do not suit you go away, and something neutral comes in their place.

    You can make it so that the memory will gradually “fade” and become less often remembered.

    That is, in both cases, the memory will not go anywhere, but it will stop bothering you.

    For the most part, the topic of working with unpleasant memories is dealt with by Erickson's hypnotherapy (in the sense that such requests are most often received there), but in general, any method of psychotherapy, if used correctly, helps to deal with the past. Naturally, if you cooperate with a professional psychotherapist / psychologist, and not immediately.

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