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  1. End same-sex relationships in cases of bisexuality-obviously yes. Another question is why, but technically, if there is a reason, yes.

    In cases where a person is homosexual, he can stop living a sexual life, but then there will be a homosexual who does not live a sexual life. It is not possible to change the direction of sexual attraction in the case of homosexuality.

  2. There is a technique, as on Pavlov's dogs practically, they try to associate homosexual contact with something unpleasant, usually they establish a lot of stimuli and as a result, there is a reflex, but the reflex is conditional, so if a person is actively connected with this topic and does not try to leave the homo environment, then everything will return. The method was developed in Germany, and they helped married men as much as possible.

  3. No, you can't. You can try to suppress the attraction to your gender. But, like any mental abuse, it will certainly come back in some way and apart from a broken life, it will lead to nothing. For example, in the United States, where there is a long tradition of the gay movement, so-called ex-gay movements were also frequent. They were organized as a rule by all sorts of religious fundamentalists, super-moralists, medical charlatans, megaconservative politicians. They used all sorts of techniques, from joint prayers to electric shocks. All this did not give any results, except for victorious reports on the websites of these offices and several high-profile scandals. Periodically, it turned out that ex-gays secretly continue to engage in same-sex sex, unable to overcome their nature. Sometimes it turned out that the organizers of these movements themselves are hidden gays. And doctors who claimed that they successfully change their orientation are deceivers who siphon money out of people.

    Here is a link on the site with an article about the dissolution of one of these ex-gay movements, plus there you can find a selection of similar materials on this topic �


  4. It is impossible, because sexual orientation is determined by biological, not psychosocial factors, and to date, scientists have collected a wide evidence base that confirms this.

    First of all, homosexuality is found not only among people. Same-sex relationships between animals also happen. And they also happen between representatives of uncivilized peoples who are not corrupted by immoral mass culture. As early as 1906, the British sexologist Henry Ellis wrote about this in his book “Sexual Inversion”, in which he studied the nature of homosexuality in detail, criticized the idea of it as a degenerative disease, and was skeptical of attempts to treat homosexuals.

    Another well-known Dutch neuroscientist, Dick Swaab, believes that homosexuality is a manifestation of a biological feature of the body, determined by genetic or other innate factors. You can read his book “We are our brain”, it is very interesting. In particular, it contains data on the fact that homosexuals have a larger pituitary gland than heterosexuals, or, for example, the relationship between the hormonal background of the fetus during pregnancy and the sexual preferences of an adult in the future.

    The American Academy of Pediatricians agrees with him and supports all this with genealogical, hormonal and DNA studies. But scientists have no evidence that homosexuality is influenced by propaganda, seduction, improper upbringing, or even the homosexuality of parents.

    But this is probably because they are all gay there and promote their views so that we can treat gays normally, and then they themselves became gay and made Sodom on earth.

    All skriponek)

  5. Yes, of course. Go to any Christian church, especially in the West. In Protestant, Catholic, Orthodox-everywhere you will be told a lot of stories about how men stopped sleeping with men, and women with women. There are even movements like “ex-gay Christians”.

    Some commentators may start a broken record in the spirit of”but this is in the nature of man.” The same record is also produced on the topic of husbands cheating on their wives, they say, polygamy in human nature. And again, there are a host of Christian families where the husband is faithful to his wife and vice versa, there is a first kiss at the wedding and love to death.

    There is no doubt that sexual preferences arise in a person because of his internal attitudes, his personal desires and partly because of the environment. A person can fully control which path of desires to choose for himself. Someone embarks on all sorts of serious things, and someone discovers that in the love of a man and a woman, and in a legal marriage, he will find complete happiness.

    The most paradoxical thing is that this Christian view is in some sense shared by gay activists themselves, because no one considers their love to be the result of purely animal instincts. No, they call it a free choice, conscious and adult.

    Of course, I understand that what I say will cause a furious reaction from the gay community. But we are talking about facts, and the facts are that there are many people in Christian churches who were gay or lesbian. as well as a lot of those who used to drink, smoke, or cheat on their wives, sometimes even referring to the “call of nature”.

    In today's world, the gay community is more of a political movement that advocates and lobbies for certain sexual behaviors.

    By the way. This also has nothing to do with biology and science. The division into females and males in mammals is quite clear.

  6. Yes, if there is false homosexuality.

    For example, transient teenage homosexuality. It is especially common in closed educational institutions for adolescents of the same sex and is due to the low differentiation of sexual desire at this age. One way or another, the attraction to the opposite sex still remains and preference is given to it. Ultimately, this homosexuality ceases when a person ceases to convince himself that he is a homosexual.

    True homosexuality begins to manifest itself from the moment of awakening of sexual desire in pre-adolescence or adolescence. At the same time, peers of the other sex do not cause any attraction. The very idea of sexual contact with them can cause an overwhelming disgust. Sexual fantasies, dreams during wet dreams, platonic infatuation are associated only with one's own gender.

    True perversions are based on hormonal disharmony, as well as organic lesions of the brain and temporal lobes. Therefore, a person cannot physically reject true homosexuality, which is determined by endogenous factors .

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