3 Answers

  1. Kindness is a trait of a strong person. A person who is unable to fight against vices and weaknesses becomes embittered and vindictive. A good person has found peace in his soul, he is balanced, he has coped with his weaknesses. He is not vindictive, he has nothing to hate everything around him. He has conquered himself and is happy about it. The consequence of peace in the soul is kindness.

  2. Kindness is rather an internal state of mind. In this case, kindness has no power.

    But it can be manifested in actions. If kindness is shown in actions, it is always power. The power of energy. Creative power. Or destructive. If we destroy the forms of evil.

  3. I think it can. Showing kindness to a person can make them do what you want them to do. Sometimes being kind to your enemies can change their attitude toward you. This form of force has a right to exist, because it can also be used as a method of struggle.

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