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  1. Can love help you overcome difficulties?

    Of course it can ! I won't give you a bunch of arguments right now. This is elementary!

    There is one great example. The notorious F. M. Dostoevsky and his novel Crime and Punishment. Lyubov Raskolnikova and Sonya Marmeladova. DESPITE all the deep feelings , Rodion finds the meaning of life, almost losing it. This meaning is their love with Sonya. This is his salvation.

  2. Well, you need to distinguish support from its visibility.

    Some people have a habit of being “supportive”. That is, to climb to those who find themselves in a difficult situation with boilerplate phrases from cheap TV shows, such as “don't worry”, “everything will be fine”, “You are holding on here, health, happiness”… without accompanying it with any real help. And by the way, sincerely considering that they should be great after that. That's how such love is directed exclusively at yourself, and you should not get in its way.

    And in the case of a real one, they will certainly support you, because they feel that the other is a part of themselves.

  3. if you are worried about something that will disappear after a while, then yes. You will just forget about it,you will not take it so seriously, because you will take your feelings more seriously. If it's something that doesn't go away as well as the feelings, it can only make things worse. As a result,you will blame your feelings for not paying enough attention to the problem,and you may have missed some solutions to this problem. And to the support account. It is far from a fact that your partner will support you, assume that you really have difficulties and take it at least somehow seriously. It doesn't mean anything.that this is not your person, as many people say,just so far you have a misunderstanding, it happens at the beginning or manifests itself over time. If everything is in order, then rather you need to try to survive it for both of them. But it's not a fact that your partner will want to survive this,he may just not care,that's when things are bad.�

    I went to the side to discuss “support”,do not pay much attention to it.

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