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  1. This is what you should always do! If everyone did this, and treated children as a person, and not as a minor, then there would be no quarrels, and teenagers would not run away from home. And the sooner you stop messing around with children, the more confident they grow up and firmly understand what they want from life. Listen to their desires and give them a little push and support.

  2. Strange question. What is a family relationship for you if everyone ignores each other? In my opinion, everything starts with the family. And age should in no way affect a mother's feelings for her son/daughter.

  3. We love the phrase,”I don't owe anyone anything.”

    Can parents be friends with their child? They must! Especially with a teenager. It is much more difficult when you think about how to find an approach, if before this due attention was not paid. The most important thing for parents is not to lose the time when you become a friend for your child. Otherwise, when the child grows up, he will not put into account the opinion of his parents about personal worries and experiences.

  4. without friendship, it is unlikely that any family relations are possible at all. how do you imagine warmth, mutual support, and interest in someone else's life without friendship?

    friendship is the base, the foundation on which human relationships are built and develop in the future.

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