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  1. Here, in my opinion, it is important to remember that “religion “and” science ” are concepts that generalize unrelated traditions in one case and completely different disciplines in the other. To put it categorically, I would say that religion and science cannot contradict each other, because they do not touch. Religion is not about how cells divide or how atoms move. For Buddhism, for example, the question of whether the world is real is relevant. What does science say about this? Nothing, it just takes it as an axiom that he is real. As soon as the question “why?” it ceases to be synonymous with the question ” how?”, it immediately leaves the competence of science. But from the competence of religion-no. The Bible is about how to live, not about how the world and man came into being (this is not so important in its context). This is if categorically.

    There is a contradiction between the statements “crocodiles fly” and “crocodiles don't fly”. Is there, say, in the Bible, any denial of the evolution of living organisms? No. This is an interpretation, and the difference between interpretations is not a contradiction. Science and religion have different functions. Each of the religions undergoes certain changes over time. Today, religions do not have the task of standing up in opposition to science. Religion is an unscientific institution, but that doesn't mean it's stupid.

  2. Of course they can. The fact that dinosaurs and other creatures and plants existed is confirmed by the Bible.

    You just need to try harder to read the Bible. But the fact that science puts forward various assumptions about the process of creating the earth in this science is well done. And the Bible does not say about the process of creating the earth, it says that it appeared from the word of God, and how this process took place is unknown to anyone except God.

  3. Science as a noun and institute does not recognize religion as an institute as its branch, but in science there is religious studies as an element of theology. Science as a verb is a concept that does not contradict either science as an institution or religion. Moreover, the science of psychology with its higher Self as the basis for understanding (misunderstanding) human nature is absolutely identical to the divine theory.

  4. Here some argue that science and religion are not related to each other But what can they take from these amateurs on all issues of the universe… The fact is that there were no religions and there were no sciences. All sciences come from religions there was not a single science from which faith was born but faith is sometimes the result of scientific evidence that science was created by believers to confirm the rules and the universe and stash and confirm the existence of God… But some illiterate people claim that with the advent of science it was proved that there is no God although for some reason atheists still keep the names of these geniuses in secret… So that there are no contradictions, but rather the opposite… And it can't be …

  5. These are two approaches to understanding the world. One is from top to bottom (this is religion), the other is from bottom to top (this is science). Almost all the great scientists of the past were believers. Now, too, a significant part of scientists believe in God. All conflicts between religion and science are due to not very smart people on both sides.

  6. Can not. Religion claims the absolute truth of its statements and accepts no doubt. Science, on the other hand, begins with doubts. When it is found that a particular theory does not hold under certain conditions, it is assumed that it is incorrect, and it is replaced by a theory that has a broader scope. This new theory includes the old one as the limit case. That is, no scientific theory explains phenomena absolutely accurately, only in a certain approximation. Thus, religious statements that postulate the existence of “higher powers” are unscientific: it is assumed that this is the ultimate truth

    1. at this point in the development of civilization, Religion is a set of dogmas in which it is forbidden to doubt, and in which you must blindly believe knowingly without proof. It is explicitly postulated that “god” is unknowable and under no circumstances will any interaction and influence of “god”ever be detected.

    At the same time, all beliefs used in Religions are always interpreted Personally by “experts”, priests, priests, professional workers. There is no objectivity, everything is personal, not even a single religion.

    1. Science, on the contrary, is based strictly on evidence that is knowingly repeatable and verifiable, as well as objective, i.e. does not depend on the personality of the experimenter, the observer.

    2. Thus, there is a complete direct contradiction between religion and science, and with the development of scientific and technological progress, more and more people understand this. This also leads to an increase in hypocrisy in religious matters.

    So only one will remain alive ))

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