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  1. Abruptly from one to another, he can not change , from a full-fledged choleric will not become a full-fledged sanguine .
    First of all, there are no clean ones, and there are different expressions.
    Secondly, for some reason, there is an opinion that some temperament is cool , and the other is all negative and unhappy , this is all nonsense and a stereotype .
    Third, changes are possible, but not such as change, again, each has its own joys and difficulties, you can work to blunt pronounced features, for example, I am melancholic, but not introverted much.

    Previously, I was very worried that I couldn't get the job done quickly , like other colleagues “why come up with something , I did it and I'm free , and when there are problems, then we'll figure it out.”

    After some time, I tried it on and at work I say what I do or to such an extent that I don't dig in, longer than others, more expensive, but better, and if the fact of execution itself is important (there are many such projects) then it's better not to approach me , I'll blow everyone's brains out.

    How to work with a group (conduct group trainings) I can work in a large group , but I don't feel comfortable and even when the skill appears , I still feel squeezed , but with a small group, 5-7 people, everything is fine with me .

    You need to understand yourself ,we are all different, the main thing is not to try to go against yourself and build something out of yourself that is not natural to yourself .

  2. Can not. And do not listen to those who argue in the style of ” well, I cried all the time at school, but I grew up and became sociable-so I grew up melancholic, and became sanguine, gee-gee.” Often people do not understand what temperament is, thinking that it is a set of behavioral traits. In fact, temperament is an innate structure of the nervous system, and it is reflected more complex than is commonly believed at the philistine level.

    For example, in a melancholic, the nervous system is less mobile and the processes of inhibition prevail over arousal (in everyday language, a person needs a long “retreat” after emotional events). The nervous system is sedentary and poorly balanced (a person cannot calm down for a long time and tune in to a different mood). The sensitivity of the nervous system is higher than that of other temperaments (a person feels his condition better, notices more). So, these properties of the nervous system DO NOT change over time and DO NOT depend on upbringing, education, or social status. If a person “was reserved, and then became sociable” or “was cheerful, but something depressed”, etc., this does not mean that his temperament has changed. Behavioral patterns and temperament are two different things.

  3. No. More precisely, it changes very slightly and only in the direction of the neighboring, usually braking type. It can change significantly and noticeably in cases of injuries and diseases of the central nervous system, and then not in every or even in most cases.

  4. I am a living example of such drastic changes, I was phlegmatic until the age of 14, sanguine from 14 to 20, melancholic-phlegmatic from 20 to 25, now I am a sanguine-choleric, and the changes are very serious and strong, my emotions really have become completely different, before I did not react so sharply to aggression and now I am like a real choleric.

  5. as far as I've heard, temperament doesn't change(like something given to us at the gene level, from birth), but character traits, worldview, and so on-quite.

  6. Of course, the person changes. It doesn't have to happen,but it's very likely these days,because the amount of stress and stuff thrown in is just too much. I will not build any conspiracy theories here,but it looks like it is beneficial for someone that people turn into melancholics. It's just that there is a lot of popularization and imposition of everything that was previously considered not quite normal,and that's why many people are changing. And many are generally cut out =. I know that the last phrase sounded a little immoral,but in fact it's true for the last 5 years probably. I haven't seen any statistics,but I haven't heard of such numbers of suicides before this period. We can say that they were not just told to everyone, etc., but I quite heard about any other cases, but this is more like a new trend.

    And in general, the phrase that I have known since childhood says: a person changes or dies.

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