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  1. I wanted to ask such a question, and I saw that I wasn't the only one who cared about it in one way or another. Even at school, having learned purely theoretically, within the school curriculum, what the universe is and that it is infinite, I often tried to imagine it, but… I think like most people on the planet, I couldn't imagine it. And here on one of the programs on TV I heard the answer to the question that torments me-how is it infinite? The scientist said-here we see the final objects. Everything within our line of sight, of course, has an end. And now think about what, for example, the table ends, and then? Then space, and then the next object. The object ends and the space behind it again, etc., just like a fairy tale about a white bull. The infinity of the planet is not difficult for the human brain to imagine, knowing that it is round. Let's say the Earth is flat. Reached the conditional edge and what? Then space. So it “ended”. And then? Here it is infinity… I think I've partially calmed down, having understood what infinity is. But then I start thinking about how to imagine it? How to draw it on paper. And it would be even better in the photo. Well, nooo, that's definitely impossible. And everything. Here comes just a scrapping of the brain. It's best not to think about it. My thoughts fly away to such an infinite distance from the Earth, and me, a small bug in the form of a little man, that it becomes scary. How have I not been crushed by this vast, infinitely vast space yet?! But there are living organisms on our planet even less than humans. Ant. But there are also fewer ants… Why was all this created? Why and by whom? And these endless, unanswered questions begin. It's better not to think, I decide. I'm afraid to look at the sky. On the beautiful, blue, with snow-white pieces of lush cotton wool sky. At the dark, terrible, stormy sky. At the night sky with an infinite number of stars. All this is both beautiful and scary at the same time. Because the sky is the only space that represents this infinite universe. You are becoming so insignificant, so defenseless! Why can't the human brain understand this?! Why does a person need so much of this substance in the skull at all, if only, as they say, 3% of its mass is involved? Someone decided that this is enough for a person?! Who! The very attempt to realize this is impossible for an ordinary person. Yes, I think and a scientist. Theoretically, the scientist will explain a lot. But imagine it, draw it on paper, or take a picture, no. Can not. No one can.

  2. It depends on what infinity .

    Riemann gave a very clear idea of infinity and even pointed out the point where all infinities are on the Riemann sphere.

    Cantor learned to compare cardinalities of infinite sets.

    Lopital has learned to expand the uncertainty of infinity to infinity.

    Man first realized that infinity exists, and then studied all its properties.

    Of course, if you ask yourself the question how much is infinity?

    Then it is impossible to offer anything else as a sign of infinity – it is always so much, no more, no less.

    In general, only time is infinite, everything else has limits.

  3. More than one person doesn't remember their beginning. A person lives all his life with the desire to live. Even old people don't want to die. The Bible records that God has placed eternity in the hearts of men. Who is interested, write me in which book and what verse.

  4. Of course it can, because it's elementary. Existence, life, being and movement have an infinite cycle. There is only the fact of creation and annihilation. But this cycle itself is absolutely infinite. So it is precisely by feeling part of this process that a person can become aware of the fact of infinity. Very simple question!

  5. Yes. This can be done. One of the most remarkable representations of infinity can be black or absolutely black color (light) – the absolute absorption of electromagnetic waves…vnikuda (well, according to the law of conservation of energy-still somewhere).

  6. infinity is one of the three extreme points of the universe. the others are one and zero. in principle, they are no different, except for a change in scale and direction.

  7. …each of us will get an answer about this and find out …posthumously. In the meantime, for the curious layman, I recommend the film “Journey to the Edge of the universe”, and if you go deeper – contact Tsialkovsky.

  8. You take two mirrors. You bet against each other. You look in one of them. Congratulations, here's a way to see infinity at home.

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