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  1. Pity is a personality quality that manifests itself as sentimental, humiliating, soulless charity without signs of a desire for active help and support.

    But recently, even psychologists call pity empathy and empathy, which is fundamentally wrong. We sympathize and empathize with our equals, but we pity the poor, that is, those who are weaker, unluckier, and more unhappy than we are.

    Therefore, it is humiliating for a person to become an object of pity. You can tolerate resentment, hatred, anger, punishment, but not pity, which can even be contemptuous. Pity is a sentence for a person as a helpless being.

    Therefore, you have the right to ask yourself this question.

    But there is one thing… You need to know what meaning your interlocutor put in this word.

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