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  1. On the one hand, it resembles something like derealization, and on the other, it is nothing more than pathologically high expectations from oneself. This is a problem for many in our time. I think it doesn't hurt to work on your self-esteem and overall attitude to life. And, if you stop considering yourself something that you are not really, namely, idealize the vision of yourself from the outside. You will sincerely look in the mirror and will not continue to deceive yourself. Perhaps things will get better gradually. But this is a long and difficult process, and you will most likely need the help of a specialist. I think a psychologist-psychotherapist will be quite enough. You are definitely far from Cotard's syndrome, and you are unlikely to experience any significant cognitive flattening, based on what you describe and in general, the motivation to find answers. But if you really feel very bad and you notice minor changes in perception and learning difficulties, you can first contact a neurologist(it will not be superfluous to do eeg and reg), and nootropics (prescribed by the doctor after the examination) they haven't hurt anyone yet. The main thing is to realize and accept that in any case, you will be able to find a way out and resolve the current situation.

    Don't worry, there are a lot of different trainings, reboots, opportunities for self-realization and so on in our time. The main thing is not to make a mistake with the choice. A person who is in search is easily led away from the right path. Never forget that. Also, it is not superfluous to go for a rest to completely break away from the situation for a while, to rethink it. Try to get a cat, animals are very helpful in coping with stress. And, most importantly, remember that you can always find support, whether it's family, friends, or complete strangers. Keep it up! And don't stumble.

    A couple of questions. How satisfied are you with the quality of your life? Do you enjoy your work? Do you work in your specialty? Do you see the benefits of your education? How often do you make your own decisions? Are you satisfied with your appearance? Do you enjoy socializing with other people? How do you feel about your environment? Would you like to change something? And how realistic, in your estimation, is it to influence the situation for the better, and what steps are you ready to take to do this?

  2. Continuation of the question … I'm a moron.

    First time here´┐Ż

    Brain, perception, and inadequacy
    Please tell me if there can be such a condition, (it always turns out for me) That I'm kind of living, but I don't realize I'm living… as if everything is automatic and don't care… and the brain somehow does not think(and I do not know what I want in life, a loser, etc.:) )Vot and I don't remember the past …maybe something is remembered, but indescribable in terms of how it was and what, I can not say… But th I've strayed from the subject
    There were no head injuries-we didn't count the volleyball ball… I'm sick, or I think I am… (even the noise in my head is infuriating and I don't understand how to relax and damn pleasure as it manifests itself in me… or I did not strain mogz so much, for a long time and systematically, the poet became a fool in terms of thought?)
    Yes, I can't concentrate on useful information…I read it, but I don't perceive it with my brain …is this laziness or degradation of a cretin? 23 years old pseudobacalaur

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