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  1. Esotericism can be a matter of faith, just like religious beliefs.

    You can believe in the Trinity, or you can believe in the theosophical writings of Blavatsky… Or Starikov's books, by the way.

    The difference with religion, it seems, is only a shift in emphasis. Religions have it on faith, although they also speak of their subject matter as knowledge (obtained in revelations, testimonies of miracles, etc.).

    In esotericism, the emphasis is on knowledge, although “received” with about the same quirkiness. But they also do not refuse to insist on faith, who will buy such” discoveries ” without faith))

    About books – yes, Blavatsky's “Rose of the World”, Muldashev's writings, Starikov's books; there are a lot of books on esotericism of various kinds, there are separate shelves in bookshelves.

  2. Some people use esotericism, while others don't. You can or can't believe for what? For self-discovery? If it helps you get closer to yourself, then you can. You need to learn how to filter out the superfluous…�

    Good literature – Two lives. Concordia of Antarov.�

  3. You know, it's more a question of philosophical coloring) Personally, I believe in esotericism, but I never forget about the share of sound rationalism. Here, I think, esotericism is somewhat similar to the question of religion, i.e. whether you personally want to believe in something that is beyond your control. This is actually a very interesting topic for discussion and discussion, but believe it or not-just up to you) I would recommend reading a rather unusual book on this topic: Eckhart Tolle's “The Power of the Moment now”, it even seems to cause unusual sensations when you hold it in your hands) It is well suited for beginners. I won't call it an introductory course, but there are a lot of closely related issues with psychology. In general, many people directly relate esotericism and psychology, which is also a very interesting idea)

  4. I read an interesting article about esotericism. It provides a Christian perspective on the practice of astrology, magic, and the occult. Despite all the attractiveness, they do not bring any benefit to the person. First, they don't provide any precise knowledge. For example, astrology developed at a time when most people had no idea how big the universe was. Astrology does not take into account the influence of black holes, quasars, pulsars, neutron stars and supernova explosions.

    Occultists, on the other hand, play at being gods, thinking they can control demons. So did the Jews in the first century, when they came into contact with dark otherworldly forces. In the Gospel, it is written that many Jews in the 1st century were possessed by demons who mocked them. Based on this, we can conclude that esotericism is built on lies and is very dangerous. If we want to know the truth about God, we must turn to the Holy Scriptures.

  5. Definitely. Many people believe that science and esotericism are the opposite, but if you look at it, it becomes clear that they are the same thing.
    Esotericism is multi-faceted, depending on what you want to learn and why.
    You can start with the classics, which were popular 10-20 years ago Zeland, Roerichs, Agni yoga, Castaneda, but personally I think that this does not make sense in the current reality, despite the fact that it's all cool and cool.
    For example, you can start with the book “Two Lives”.
    Love complex reading material-Boris Monosov, but it's not for everyone.
    Lucid dreams-Reutov “hackers of dream studies”, as if artistic, but not.
    You can read Werber, this is generally for everyone who sees the encyclopedia of wise thoughts, although not without a slight chauvinism, for those who do not see it – a cool fantasy.
    Personally, Max Fry comes to me, preaches the necessary thoughts.
    Then I really liked the book little Toni Parsons “The Secret of which there is no”
    Recently, I also liked “Light, a new trend” by Rebecca Campbell, she really inspired me and the message is bright, but it may seem to fly away in the direction of Sirius, but this is normal.
    Also Edhart Tolle “Novaya Zemlya”
    Now a lot of people have switched to the Internet (finally), including fake specialists(as in any field), it's just that there are more biased opinions in the field of esotericism.
    If you are interested, practical information on ritualika such as tarot, runes, castings, etc. – I advise Ksenia Likich, she has practical courses in inst, I can definitely vouch for her, she also has many theoretical courses, castes, the Sephiroth tree, numerology (Ladini matrix), in general it is interesting. OEA also advises proven “witches” in various areas.
    She also has a YouTube channel, which is more about numerology.
    About human design Dmitry Bogatsky.
    Channel on YouTube: Secrets of life(there are three of them) there is good information, and relevant(which you will not find in books, for example, almost never, there is a database of course, but still), whom I advise: Olga Kachikova, Daria Vasilets, Svetlana Gyata, Lena Shen, Anton Antonov, Alexander Menshikov, Natalia Kozyreva, about others I will not say, I do not know, I did not watch them.

    If you are interested in studying the universe, you can read about Quantum Physics on the Internet. (quantum field theory. Quantum loop gravity, multi-world interpretation, decoherence, quantum mechanics, Laplace's demon, quantum superposition, vacuum is not empty, Lorentz ether theory), as an option. Too much of the word “quantum”😅.

    Most importantly, determine the goal, what you need it for, so that you don't forget to live, put it into practice, and not just know.

    And in any case, obtaining knowledge in Esotericism occurs through a person(through a teacher, even if it is a book), it is important to be sensitive to this, whether this person is suitable for you or not? What emotions does it evoke? Do his thoughts go to your heart or not? Also, if someone says that without their knowledge(paid / free course, stories or something else) you will not succeed, run😅

  6. You can trust very few people… even to myself-not always. In esotericism there is a real essence, but there are much more “extraneous noises” and glitches.

    By books, for me:

    The Gospel;
    Castaneda's books;
    Osho's books;
    Milarepa's Life, Milarepa's Songs;
    The Tao Te Ching;
    The Dharma Wheel launch Sutra;
    The Diamond Sutra;

  7. In my opinion, esotericism in the literal sense should not be believed. Esotericism simply reveals some patterns that science cannot yet explain. Instead, esotericism gives such phenomena a mystical meaning, produces some exotic entities, concepts, systems. These patterns appear to us as a product of mythological consciousness. But this does not always mean that these patterns are false.

    I can't tell you any specific books, I've only read some of them on the Internet myself. I can advise you to read about Kabbalah, tarot cards (taking their meaning as archetypes), and the works of Casteneda.

  8. You shouldn't believe it.
    Worth checking out.

    But there is a caveat: not every text presented as “esotericism” is such. Moreover, most of the “esoteric concepts” are an attempt to make money (well, or just the delirium of a sick mind).
    Therefore, if you want to taste esotericism, then this is yoga, qigong, TM, and if you really want to, you can also count some branches of Buddhism (but not all).�
    And all sorts of Blavatsky, Castaneda, Muldashev, astrology, tarot, etc., etc. – they have nothing to do with learning the world through experiments with their nervous system.

    The criterion is very simple: if what is presented to you as esotericism is limited to words (ideas, concepts, alternative stories about the creation of the world, etc.) – this is garbage.
    If what is presented to you as esotericism covers skills (just as an example: the ability to manage your emotions in yoga), then this is esotericism.

  9. Ronald P. Vincent, “A Joyful Guide to Lacrimology” if you can find it.

    Frissell Bob:”There's not a word of truth in this book, but that's exactly what happens.”

  10. Esotericism is not possible, but it is necessary to believe. I would recommend from the literature on this topic : Transurfing reality, The Power of the present, The Power of Light, Shaman's Laughter, Mindfulness.

  11. Personally, I started with the book: “Esotericism. Course of the Munich Institute of Parapsychology and Borderline Sciences (IPPN)”. After that, I signed up for parapsychology courses, passed an interview and was accepted to the course: “Energy. Sensorika. Healing”. After graduating from high school, having passed the qualification exams and received a diploma, he began to accept people, honing his knowledge and training clairvoyance. Good reading material – Transurfing Reality by Vadim Zeland 6 steps. Apocryphal Transurfing. And of course Simoron

  12. Don't believe it. This is all made up by the human brain. There are no subtle planes, entities, or demigods. This doctrine was conceived as a hidden way of extracting money from people to travel in Tibet and India, but then it grew to a global scale.

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